Our dear friend Jennifer, who inspires us daily with her amazing outlook on life while living through her second remission.

Here at Lavera / True Natural, we recognize October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - as a time to support our friends and loved ones who have been affected by this terrible disease, and, as a company, to re-commit to our mission to provide safe, natural products.

Uli Jacob started True Natural / Lavera in North America back in 1999 with the mission to educate women that they did not need to sacrifice safety for high quality skincare, cosmetics and personal beauty products. There were, even back then, non-toxic, all natural alternatives to the mainstream lipsticks, face creams and shampoos that were chock full of parabens, phthalates, SLS, and even heavy metals like lead.

Along the way, we found many women suffering thru breast cancer, survivors and family were discovering our products. Because our products were FREE of known carcinogens, produced to higher ingredient standards in Germany, clearly stated all ingredients, AND were effective products, our mission was a perfect match for their needs. Those undergoing chemotherapy could still look and feel beautiful despite what was happening to their bodies, and know that their makeup and skincare was doing no harm.

We are extremely grateful that we are able to provide healthy and safe products to the community. We are committed to our ingredient policy to offer only the best safe, all-natural products and continue to work to expand this selection.

AND Please Remember - Go get your Mammogram!