Tuesday March 22nd is World Water Day, a day set aside by the UN to focus attention on the importance of fresh water. Many of the chemicals found in our personal care products end up in our water supply with the potential to negatively impact plants, animals, and ourselves.

Phthalates, a common ingredient found in almost anything with a fragrance, is linked to cancer, fertility issues and hormonal changes affecting reproduction. It has been found to trigger the feminization of frogs and other small amphibians in the wild. Micro plastic beads used for face scrubs and anti-acne lotions are becoming a huge problem in the great lakes, where they absorb other toxins and are eaten by fish, stunting their growth and causing internal abrasions.

On this day, we would like thank you for being aware and caring about the ingredients in the products you use. This small step helps to reduce the amount of toxic ingredients that go into the water, the environment, and your own bodies and benefits us all.

To learn more about common toxic ingredients and how to avoid them, read the David Suzuki Foundation article "'Dirty Dozen' cosmetic chemicals to avoid".