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Amidst all the marketing jargon we see these days – from products labeled as “natural” to “organic,” it’s not always easy knowing what and whom to trust. That’s where certification comes in. On our site, you may have noticed many different certifications mentioned – from BDIH to NATRUE. This blog gives the scoop on each one, and will hopefully bring greater clarity and a sense of trust for the items you put in your cart.
The Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standard was set in place to help consumers in choosing “truly natural” products. Because personal care products are under regulated in the U.S., many brands claim to make natural products while they continue to use harmful ingredients. When Whole Foods shoppers see the Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standard seal they can feel good about the products they are purchasing.

The American Vegetarian Association (AVA) — Vegetarian/Vegan provides certification to vegetarian and vegan products for American consumers. The AVA CERTIFIED logo clearly designates products as VEGETARIAN (may include eggs, dairy and beeswax) or VEGAN (includes no animal by-products). This symbol is designed to bring clarity to vegetarian and vegan-minded shoppers...

ECOCERT Certifications of Cosmetics

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Ecocert was established in France in 1991 as an inspection and certification body specializing in organic agricultural products. They have since expanded to cover certification of other eco and fair trade products, including organic and natural cosmetics.

Ecocert certification is recognized world-wide, currently certifying in over 80 countries. Their standards require the use of substantial amounts of natural and organic ingredients, produced with environmentally-friendly processes, and prohibits the use of many synthetic ingredients...

True Natural products have received Natural Products Association Certification. The Natural Products Association (NPA), founded in 1936, is the nation’s largest and longest running non-profit devoted to the natural products industry. Products which meet The Natural Standard for Personal Care Products may carry the Natural Seal. This seal certifies compliance with the Natural Products Association Standard for Personal Care Products. Find out more about what this seal means here.

USDA BioPreferred Designation

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True Natural products have been tested by a USDA certified third-party lab to meet the Bio-Preferred requirements. Our products have been determined to contain 100% bio-based ingredients, and have received certification approval from the USDA. This label is equivalent in skincare to the Energy Star rating on appliances. The label makes it easier for consumers to identify products with bio-based content...

Certified Vegan By the AVA

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True Natural Cosmetics All Natural Self Tanner is approved as AVA Certified Vegan. True Natural Cosmetics All Natural Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 and All Natural Sunscreen SPF 40 are comprised of 100% vegetarian ingredients with beeswax added for water-resistance, providing lasting effectiveness when swimming or perspiring...

The Natural Products Association

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The Natural Products Association (NPA) is the nation’s largest and longest running non-profit devoted to the natural products industry. Founded in 1936, the NPA represents over 10,000 retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution locations for products ranging from foods and supplements to beauty and personal care products...


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Natural Cosmetics have become a trendy word in recent years. But only products that meet the strict standards of the BDIH Guideline in Germany are able to display the "BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics" Seal on their products. The criteria in the BDIH label are very strict—they must use high quality ingredients obtained from controlled organic cultivation or...

Vegan Society

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Founded in 1944, the Vegan Society is a UK based educational organization and charity that promotes and supports the vegan lifestyle.

Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and....

USDA Organic

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The USDA created a “USDA Organic” seal in 2002 in order to clearly identify organic consumer products. This was originally intended for food and beverages but has been extended to cosmetic and personal product manufacturers as well.

For an outright “Organic” claim, the products must contain 95% minimum organic content. 70% content required for...

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