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Thank you for your interest in our natural skincare and makeup products. We try our very best to develop the safest, all natural products that are top of the class for performance. We hope you try and are as delighted with our products as many of our customers are! We've compiled a sampling of reviews for a number of our products from customers, bloggers and spa's. All have used our products and voluntarily sent us their feedback.

I’ve included my current favourite natural brands Lavera, one of the best out there, along with well established Dr Hauschka. These are brands I have used personally for years.

- Lisa Eldridge - celebrity makeup artist (Cindy Crawford, Cate Blanchet, Jennifer Lopez)

I love your makeup! I am using it all the time and it is the best line I know. I am your biggest fan.

- Gigi Grazier - writer/producer: "Starter Wife"

I use all organic, whatever Lavera offers.

- Tim Daly - actor: Private Practice, Sopranos

Hi, as a breast cancer survivor, finding your products was like landing in heaven! With no estrogen-mimicking ingredients or other toxic properties, my products range from shampoo, hair gel, cleanser, sunscreen, lipstick, to mascara. I have done several on-line orders and am extremely happy with all of my purchases. Service is excellent and the samples are a fun thing to look forward to. I thank the Gorgeously Green Sophie for telling me about you!

- Ginger - customer, CA

I just wanted to say that I cannot say enough about this wonderful line... I can honestly say I have never used so many products from one line and I really use them up - it's great! For example, I have bought so many different types of organic body lotion... I NEVER would finish using them and would give them away. The Lavera body lotion is THE BEST! I literally cut open one of the tubes I had finished up to make sure I scratched every last bit out... Lavera user for life!

- Nichole - customer, MI

I love this stuff! I have been using self tanners daily for about a year now. I have tried Jergens, L'Oreal, Neutrogena and a few others. I wanted a healthy product (paraben free-less chemicals) and I found this at Target. It produces a very dark, pretty color overnight. For my legs, I mix with it with a little lotion (like 3 to 1) to cut the risk of lines or dark knees. Works wonders on my face and neck. No problems so far! Smells so nice too! Gonna stock up. It was on sale in the store.

- Jules - review

I ordered the mango milk shampoo and conditioner and the Vanilla Coconut Bath and Shower Gel and Body Lotion and I was amazed at how true to smell they are! They smell fantastic and I was so excited to use them!

- Michelle - customer, CA

I have always had positive experiences with Lavera and am happy to be a customer of such a wonderful company. The service is great when I have had to call in the past and the shipping is quick.

- Liana H - customer, CA

I go to a high end, world renowned salon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to have my hair done. I had been using their own line of hair care products for some time before recently making the switch to your line of natural products. My long hair had always been quite dry at the ends and as such, I was using the salon's moisture rich line. At my most recent appointment, my stylist commented that this is the first time in a very long time that my hair isn't dry... my hair was always dry when I was using a moisturizing line and now that I've switched to a natural line, my hair is the healthiest it has been... I'll continue to use your products knowing that I'm using the right product for my health, my hair and the environment.

- Lisa - very happy customer, Ontario, Canada

I've already gotten compliments about my skin glowing after using the anti-aging!

- Mitzi Kapture - actress: Baywatch, Silk Stalkings, Young & Restless

We love organic products. In the past, I got reactions on my eyes from synthetic eye make up, so I love to use lavera instead!

- Amber, wife of actor Sam Jaeger from Catch and Release, CSI

As a breast cancer survivor and advocate, I work with an organization in upstate New York (Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer) that hosts programs to educate woman about dangerous ingredients in their cosmetics. In response to my inquiry, I was pleased to receive affirmation that Lavera products are free from parabens, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers and petroleum. I've been using Lavera products (for) more than a year and can recommend them personally to women looking for safe alternatives for themselves and their daughters!

- Cathy - customer, NY

My skin reacts badly to so many ingreadients, yet with your products it seems to simply relax. Even the mascara does not irritate my eyes. And at 61 years old, I am suddenly receiving compliment after compliment on my shiny hair and young skin. Please continue to keep the integrity of your business and its products! You have given my quality of life a boost. Thank you so very much.

- Jeanie - customer, MS

Your foundation is great!

- Kaitlin Olson & Mary Elizabeth Ellis - actresses: Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I LOVE your products! I heard about them from Kris Carr (cancer survivor and motivational speaker), and have been a loyal customer ever since, especially now that some Lavera products are sold at Target. I had cancer without health insurance and now have nothing left financially, and Lavera is allowing me to buy natural products at a reasonable price - thank you so much!!

- Tristan - customer, NV

Sport Diver Magazine Best Eco-Friendly Sunscreen Review
Sport Diver Magazine
May 2012 Review
Best Eco-Sunscreen
An appetizing scent, great coverage, and the lowest ghost effect (non-whitening).

- Sport Diver Magazine ranks True Natural SPF 40 Active Best Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

The fairest-skinned tester reported that the face sunscreen protected her during a four-hour outdoor cycling event, without the need for re-application.... All testers reported softer skin the day after the day after sunscreen use

- Northwest Runner Magazine, July 2012 issue True Natural SPF 50 Sunscreen

This sunscreen was a great choice for semi-intense land based activities. The Zinc Oxide provided reliable sun protection under intense sunlight and the remainder of the ingredients are quite natural. We used this cycling under extended sun exposed mid-day rides.

- Nicholas, outdoor product retailer after Nicaragua cycling trip True Natural SPF 50 Sunscreen

On that day, despite being in the wickedly hot direct sunlight, I did not burn. I also have skin that is extremely sensitive to fragrance and chemicals and many lotions/creams leave my skin very irritated. This did not happen with True Natural’s sunscreen and that was a pleasant change.

- NaturesBeautySecret on True Natural SPF 50 Sunscreen

Because of my daughter’s sensitive skin, she’s been prone to breakouts from using other sunscreens, and has still been left with a bit too much rose color on her cheeks after a day in the sun. With True Natural, not only was my daughter’s skin blemish free days later, but there were no signs of red splotches due to the sun penetrating this product. I’ve tried many different sunscreens through the years for my daughter, and this by far is the best.

- Tracy B. on True Natural's Baby & Family Sunscreen

What I liked best about it is the colour. It looks exactly like the colour I normally tan. This is where the major thumbs up come in. Nor did the colour streak.

- Charissa on the True Natural Self Tanner

My youngest grandson is a very light skinned child and he burns so easily. We are usually out and about in the outdoors and he turns red in just a few minutes. I was delighted to try this sunscreen on him and see that it kept him from becoming sunburned.

- Mimi on the True Natural Baby Sunscreen

It smells just like lemon meringue pie.... It provides a streak free color and can be used on face and body. I have used it on my arms and chest/neck area but mostly on my face. I love having a product like this handy as it allows me to put down the foundation. Your tan will appear within 2-3 hours and last 3-10 days, slowly fading away. I have used it twice in one week, applying at bedtime, and waking up with a healthy summer glow.

- Angie on the True Natural Self Tanning Lotion

Just want to tell you how much I love your product AND YOUR COMPANY!

- Leanne on True Natural sunscreens via facebook

LOVE your spf50 sunscreen spray! Can't wait to carry your self-tanner at our spa ? thanks for having an amazing product with no harmful chemicals :)

- SkinCatering on True Natural sunscreens via facebook

just the most amazing, perfect, incredible, natural chocolaty tan i have ever used! no streaks, not 1... i love this product.

- Nourished Life, Australia on True Natural Self Tanner via facebook

I have been using this for about a month now. I bought it because of EWG's ratings and the promise of a clear application (I admit I was sceptical). My two children are LOVE both the non-whitening properties and the fantastic smell. It goes on very easily as well (unlike other thick, hard to spread sunscreens that tug at their skin when applied). We have used this at some extended, hot track meets and have been extremely pleased. One day I was out in the sun for over 8 hours running an event. I reapplied this product twice as I was sweating quite a bit. I did not get anything close to a burn - not even a pink tinge. My children as well were both protected and did not get burned at all. (I only reapplied it once to them since they were in the shade a good portion of the day.) In the pool it is also a great product. After swimming for over two hours neither of my children had any sign of sun damage.

- "i-love-my-honey" online customer feedback on True Natural Sunscreens

I do have to tell you that I was mildly surprised that the Advanced Lift and Firm Serum really did just that. After just a few seconds of putting it on around my lips and forehead and I could feel the little tugging and firming going on.... I love the Plump Lip Treatment also. I have tried others in the past that will leave you with a very bad taste in your mouth. This one tasted like peppermint, just like an ordinary chapstick but this is more creamy and tastes alot better.

- Mary, blogger on True Natural Anti-Aging products