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Spagyric Skin Care Products - An Introduction

What is Spagyric and why is it used in True Natural's New Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

spagyric skin care from True Natural

The term Spagyric originated in ancient Greece. It literally means to extract or separate and to collect, join and unite. It is a natural system and procedure of health and healing that is derived from pure plant essences, making it the perfect process for creating wholesome, all natural skin care.

Spagyric procedures allows us to preserve and intensify the positive qualities and energies of plants, minerals, and metals. Principles of alchemy and hermetic ways of thinking and working are represented in the spagyric procedure. Basically, Spagyric is the process of separating, purifying, and then recombining. Through this process, damaging and cell-harming substances that are not beneficial to your skin are gently separated and discarded.

The ultimate goal of using Spagyric is to present you and your skin with wholesome and holistic skin care products, free from any damaging materials. Your skin cells are rejuvenated and your mind is harmonized and calmed with clarity and vigilance. Through plant, gemstone and metal refinement, all energies and healing properties are released from these components.

In the traditional spagyric process, there are the 3 Principles: Sal, Sulfur, and Mercury. These principles are also referred to as the hermetic principles. The three chemical elements are represented in physical and philosophical terms. In alchemistic terms, these three elements symbolize the Body, Mind and Spirit/Soul.

The Three Principles

Mercury - mind (alcohol)
Sulfur - spirit/soul (essential oil)
Sal - body (salt)

The materials we use are of the highest quality and purity. All plants are organically grown or picked naturally, in a controlled and sustainable manner. The careful production of our macerals, oils, essences and blossom tonics are done with consideration to nature, sustainability and the earth.


Water is of essential importance to any living creature. Creams, lotions, or foundations are created with a water and oil base. This makes water a key ingredient in the skincare products that we create to perfect your skin. Water provides a strong inter-molecular attraction, which takes the form of hydrogen bridges and other reciprocal actions between molecules. The polarity of water makes it an ideal soluble agent for ionic combinations. In other words, water picks up energies and vibrations. This is why we use the purest water we can find to create your skincare products.


Producing the essences of plants require special care. Some factors to consider would be the type of plant chosen, where the plant has come from, and the quality of the plant. Plants are self-feeding organisms and require special treatment and quality during its spagyric process. We steer clear of any chemical fertilizers, preservatives or mechanical harvesting equipment.

The body, mind and spirit of our plants remain intact and in its original and holistic form.

Essential Oils

Through the spagyric processing of plants, even essential oils are refined. The fragrance that the refined essential oils emit is much more subtle, yet energetic. Refining essential oils virtually eliminate all possible skin irritations. Our creams and lotions bring aromatherapy and the pureness of the spagyric process together.

Gemstone Essences

Gemstones receive a similar spagyric treatment. They are crushed, ground, dissolved and purified using organic solvents such as vinegar and alcohol. After several extractions, the gemstone tincture is repeatedly distilled. The salts produced are then liquefied and then added to our creams and lotions.

Precious Metal Essences - Gold and Silver

The energy of the metal essences of gold and silver are extremely effective in skin care products. This energy can only be brought out through the alchemistic spagyric process, which releases the positive characteristics of these metals. Creating and using the gold and silver essences result in regeneration, cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenation. All of these positive results create a youthful sense of well-being, as well as noticeably smoother and softer skin.

The Spagyric Process

The spagyric process starts with separating the plant essences according to the three hermetic principle elements - Sal, Sulfur and Mercury.

The first step is to create Mercury (the alcohol - not to be confused with the metal mercury!). All parts of the plant are reduced to small pieces and fermented with water and yeast. After fermentation is completed, the alcohol is distilled out of the liquid. The remaining liquid gets distilled again, but this time we slowly heat it up and then let it cool down to achieve the production of the spirit/soul principle, Sulfur, the essential oil, our second step. With the help of an oil separating funnel we obtain the essential oil of the plant.

The plant remains are not thrown away but are used for the third step which is creating the third principle, Sal. First we dry the remains and then we burn them, using calcination. Fire cleanses, leaving us with pure white salt after several calcinations.

Once we’ve completed the separation and purification processes, we re-unite those three separate components. The rhythmical rotation between distillation and condensation lasts several days to weeks, depending on the chosen plant, gemstone or precious metal.

What is the benefit of Spagyric Essences in Skin Care Products?

Gem stones, precious metals, plants, and human beings each have their own unique natural energy pattern. Matter exists because of its resistance, without that creation would not be possible. The hardest matter on earth is gemstone, a condensation of cosmic vibration, taking shape in the crystalline system of order.

In modern terms we speak of “energies” or “vibrations”. All matter is made up of energy at its finest level. The simplest way to measure these vibrations would be to observe its effect on water. Water gets influenced and energized with the vibrations that are emanated from Spagyric essences. All natural matter has its own unique power and vibration. Its power manifests as a reaction to the cosmic vibrations, sent out by the planets. We can observe that Gold responds to the Sun and Silver resonates with the frequency of the Moon.

We can use these vibrational patterns to determine which plant, gemstone or metal would work best with each individual human vibration. Recognizing the same vibrations between a person and an element shows which element works in harmony with each individual person. These vibrations determine whether the element is used as a healing agent, skin protection, or as a beautifier.

Precious metals and gemstones have been used throughout the ages for their powerful, protective and healing properties.

Our spagyric skin care provide your skin with the healing effects of gemstones, plants and metals, allowing you to feel the positive energy and power of nature.

Natural Skin Care vs. Conventional Skin Care

There is clearly a significant difference between natural skin care, and the typical conventional skin care. You can find many different descriptions for products that claim to be natural, including “natural”, “eco”, and “holistic”.

What is true and real? And do the ingredients really deliver what is promised? Often, a little plant extract or oil seems to be enough to justify calling a product a natural product. In True Natural's skin care products, all the raw materials are of natural origin. In the spagyric line, 60% or more are certified organic. The products work to beautify, care for, and sustain your health. In conventional skin care, even if the majority of the ingredients are claimed to be natural, the formulation contains synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives - all ingredients that natural skin care should avoid. Natural skin care manufacturers are also committed to ecology, protecting and respecting the environment and animals.

Difference Between True Natural Spagyric Skin Care and other Natural Skin Care products

Spagyric skin care are distinguishable by their high quality and purity. Throughout the entire process, no chemical fertilizers or preservatives contaminate the ingredients. The plants used for our oils are at least 60 % or higher from organic farming. The spagyric essences produced have a difference characteristic than natural essential oils extracted from the same plant and are often gentler on the skin. For instance, those who might find rose essential oils problematic for their skin likely would find the spagyric rose essenses to be more compatible and even beneficial.

Plant, gemstone, and precious metal essences are produced with the spagyric alchemistic principle, resulting in positive energy. Spagyric essences contain the “released light/vibration” of the material, which our cells need to function optimally. The extensive spagyric process provides a deep holistic effect and results in beautifully radiant and stunning skin!

Gemstone Ingredients for Anti-Aging Benefits

The recipes for our spagyric skin care products originate from ancient alchemistic and spagyric tradition. The spagyric method basically works by recognizing the rhythms of plants and their vital strength and harmonizing those rhythms and strengths with our own bodies, resulting in wholesome relaxation. By integrating the carefully prepared essences and plants in our creams and beauty products, we can guarantee that your cells will be kept stimulated and lively, while your body will feel fully regenerated. It takes up to 2 months until all the natural qualities of herbs, flowers, minerals and precious metals are released and incorporated into our skin care products. This procedure is well worth its complexity and time, after you experience its amazing results. The goal is to release the light, vibration, and energy from the matter. Alchemists believe that nature itself is perfect, but not always useful for mankind. We can find poisonous substances, food and healing materials all together in nature. According to Paracelsus, it is the task of an alchemist to separate the false from the right. Alchemy therefore can be called the art of distinction. Through these complex processes, higher quality products and essences are created instead of just simple extracts. By using those essences we have unique and effective skin care products. For stones and metals like gold and silver, the spagyric procedures allow us to fully dissolve these ingredients. This lets your skin instantly absorb the gemstone or metal, to reduce aging and to give your skin a gorgeous youthful radiance.

Our skin care products are completely free of any chemical ingredients that may harm your precious skin. Our facial creams to not contain crushed gemstones, metals, or colloid metals. Spagyric essences are instantly accepted by your skin, providing a lasting beautiful effect, making spagyric skin care ideal for anti-aging beauty.