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Organic Self Tanner, Light-Medium Tan 3.4 fl.oz.

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SKU: TRU:10015.34  UPC: 852671003152 Size: 3.4 fl.oz.

True Natural Self Tanner Face and Body is an all natural, gluten-free, vegan tanner that's free from harmful chemical ingredients and safe for daily use. Fresh, all natural Lavender scent.

just the most amazing, perfect, incredible, natural chocolaty tan i have ever used! no streaks, not 1... i love this product. It is going to be a true beauty icon... xx

- Customer review via Facebook

We use a combination of naturally occurring sugars found in certain fruits and vegetables in our Self Tanner. These sugars react with amino acids found in the outer layer of the skin, creating a nontoxic reaction which gives skin a tanned look. The tan appears between 3-4 hours and will slough away naturally, usually lasting between 3 and 10 days.

To build up a darker tan, reapply every 3-4 hours until desired color is achieved.

Lavera and True Natural Self Tanner comparisonThe image on the right shows a comparison, after 6 hours, of the True Natural Tropical Tan, the True Natural Self Tanner, the Lavera Self Tanning Lotion, and a Spray Tan from a tanning studio. While the True, Lavera and spray tanners were similar, with slight variations in tone, the Tropical Tan gives a much more intense tan. Note that the amount of lotion applied and location have an effect on tan intensity.

Self Tanner Face and Body contains natural anti-aging ingredients to support and protect skin. Jojoba oil lends light, non-greasy hydration. Aloe vera guards against environmental damage and is a skin-soother. And Green Tea extract is packed with anti-oxidants to prevent aging free radical damage.

Self Tanner Face and Body is vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% free from harmful chemical ingredients.

For external use only.

How To Use: For face and body. Exfoliate skin thoroughly and apply as you would body lotion, using light, sweeping movements. Tanned effect visible within 3-4 hours. Can be built up to achieve desired intensity. Remember to wash hands after use and apply sunscreen for UV protection. FDA warning notice for ALL Self Tanning products: These products do not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn.

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Made in United States

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Organic Glycerin, Dihydroxyacetone (vegetable source), Organic Soybean Oil, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Erythrulose, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Myristyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavender Oil, Organic Green Tea Extract, Organic Lavender Flower Extract, p-Anisic Acid, Organic Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, Xanthan Gum

* certified organic

Formulated without: methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, dimethicone, polymers, BHT, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, mineral oil, petrolatum, triethanolamine, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals.

Customer Reviews

  • YAY for an all-natural self-tanner that actually works!
    Review by: AmazonAddict "GHW" on 3/20/2018
    Wow, amazing. I am switching all of my makeup and personal care items to "green". Self-tanners can be loaded with fragrance and harsh chemicals. Sad because I loved St. Tropez more than anything. These chemicals will do harm in the long-run and it's not worth it. Found this brand on EWG site and ordered here. Love it. BF doesn't complain about the smell (he used to with the st. tropez). In fact, the lavender scent is great. Moisturizes perfectly, and most importantly, gives a beautiful, golden color after using for a few days. Tip: I use more than one layer, sometimes even three. The color isn't intense, so building the color is a necessity.
  • Love it!
    Review by: Cate on 3/20/2018
    Great product! Does exactly what it claims. I have tried other products but this is the first to give me a natural look. It doesn't turn orange or streak on my fair skin.
    I will defiantly continue using this product.
  • Works great, but breaks me out
    Review by: Stephanie on 3/20/2018
    I REALLY wish this was non-comedogenic because it actually is a fantastic product. It's one of the few self-tanners I've found that is free of all those nasty chemicals, yet still every bit as effective. It gives you a great even color, and doesn't have that awful smell most tanners have (lavender scent is very subtle). That said, the texture was more waxy than creamy, but it feels good on your skin because it melts right into it. Unfortunately, it just didn't react well with my oily/ acne prone skin.
  • Great product!
    Review by: MViolet on 3/20/2018
    Very easy to apply, makes even tan and does not feel greasy on the skin. I'd used it many times, and ended up using it for my wedding instead of getting a spray tan. It worked just fine, I had a nice even tan. It also does not have the strong chemical smell most self-tanners have. I picked it because it was a number 1 on the EWG website where they provide information on skincare toxicity, so this product was named the safest sunless tanner.
  • Excellent product
    Review by: Julia Cheung on 3/20/2018
    Does exactly what it claims to do!
    Easy to apply, no streaks. I am really happy with this product and would buy it again.
  • Great quality product
    Review by: lindamarie74 on 3/20/2018
    I have bought this product before and will again. It doesn't have all the chemicals of other self tanners and it really gives a good color. I use it on my face and love the moisturizing of it as well as the color it gives. Very natural.
  • Loved it
    Review by: Cfisher on 3/20/2018
    The tube was pretty small (making the product pretty expensive per ounce) but the color was great. It didn't smear, went on evenly, and wasn't orangy at all. It looked very natural. AND, it's vegan. I will definately buy this product again.
  • Great natural self tanner
    Review by: Monique on 3/20/2018
    Great natural, self tanner. Creates gradual, natural looking color and it does not streak. I will buy it again soon.
  • Great self tanner
    Review by: Robin on 3/20/2018
    I am very satisfied with this self tanner. The color is good , works fast , but not too much color. Looks natural. I chose it because it is safer than most self tanners and uses natural ingredients.A good find !!
  • True Self Tanner
    Review by: The General "SFS" on 3/20/2018
    Good smelling, easy to use and apply -- results were very good... It was a little pricey; but overall I was happy that I tried the product.
  • Okay Product
    Review by: LewJoy on 3/20/2018
    This self tanner is okay, but I couldn't believe how small the tube is. Yes, it is a stated on the site, but when I saw it I was shocked. As for the product, I found it to be easy to use, didn't smell bad and really is a natural looking tan.
  • Good product
    Review by: Carol Docos on 3/20/2018
    It is a good self tanner but still has some of an odor to it but not much. It is nice lotion and applies well.
  • Pretty good - a little orangy though
    Review by: sore feet on 3/20/2018
    It's organic so that makes me happy - cream feels good - just can't apply too much or it's orangy.
  • I don't feel bad about using this on my Irish Dancing 11 year-old daughter
    Review by: C. Gardner on 3/20/2018
    When I don't have time to take her to get a professional spray tan, I use this on my very fair Irish Dancing daughter (I know, but all the girls do it, so the judges expect it). I mix it 50-50 with a good body lotion and use it 3 or 4 times over a couple of days (knees only once, though), and she gets a nice, even, tannish looking tan. It's not as orange as a lot of tanners. It doesn't have the chemicals that a lot of tanners have -- Environmental Working Group gives it a "2" unlike a lot of other tanners, which get 5s and 6s. It also fades well after her competitions, not blotchy like other products we've tried.
  • Perfect!!
    Review by: M.A.P on 3/20/2018
    Finally found a tanning cream that doesn't smell horrid and actually works... I bought this to use only on my face and like it lots...,
    Happy Girl!
    Review by: love2workout on 3/20/2018
    Finally a self-tanner that won't make my skin freak out and itch, and it actually works! I wouldn't say the scent is lavender, per se, but it's not as bad as other tanners.
  • pretty good
    Review by: Laura on 3/20/2018
    I gave this 4 stars because it works pretty good, but still seemed a bit orange in spots. I have very fair skin with freckles so it's hard to use any fake tanner. It wasn't too orange that I felt uncomfortable using it, but I would only do 3 consecutive applications before I let it fade. Smells pretty strong, but it can be covered up with other lotions. I recommend using it at night and then putting lotion on or rinsing in the shower the next morning.
  • True Natural's Self Tanner
    Review by: Pam W. "norwop" on 3/20/2018
    Some self tanners leave me itching, but this one didn't. Not greasy after it dries; I have light olive skin so this one is good for winter but I need a darker tanning product for the summer.
  • Excellent!
    Review by: Mountaingirl on 3/20/2018
    This product is wonderful! It is the first natural tanning product that I have tried, so I can't compare it that way- but compared to the drug store varieties of tanning products- this is superior!
    It is smooth and creamy, spreads easily, has no detectable smell- certainly not the chemically smell of the drug store brands! And, it developes into a nice warm tan color!!! I used it on my legs and also on my face, and I am a fan!
  • dissapointed
    Review by: T. Mayhew on 3/20/2018
    After all of the reviews, I decided to try this product. I have fair to medium complexion and I tan pretty well in the beds. I have used spray tans in the past and for the most part they look natural until I start applying too many times and then I start to look orange.

    When I tried this product for the first time, I mixed it with some of my own face cream, because I wanted to make sure that it wasn't too dark on the first application. I'm glad I did. The next morning I woke up and I was VERY orange. I imagine, had I put the lotion on without cutting it with my moisturizer, I would have looked like an Oompa Loompa! I will not be using this product again.
  • Good product!
    Review by: Nls1212 on 3/20/2018
    I love this! It works over night and doesn't have an awful smell. I did find that it had a very oily feeling, but it leaves your skin soft and smooth when you shower the lotion off.
    This is perfect for fair skin!
  • Good results for the fair skinned
    Review by: Kerrymvb on 3/20/2018
    I am a very fair skinned woman only intending to use this on my legs. I waxed before using this, so was adequately exfoliated, as directed. Surprisingly, one application was enough for me. I wasn't going for tan; just "regular" skin tone, since my normal skin tone is fish-belly white. I washed my hands thoroughly and no stains. Pretty good for a fake tan.
  • its alright
    Review by: Chicka on 3/20/2018
    Its alright may be a bit on a orangey side, and dont like the smell its too strong for me. Gets spotty fast, dont like that either. everything else is okay. use it on body only cuz if used on face it will get very spotty, and it wont come off for few days.
  • Four Stars
    Review by: Teresa Cuthbertson on 3/20/2018
    I've tried several self tanners and they never work well on my face. Finally something that does.
    Review by: freckilicious on 3/20/2018
    ...A rare combination. EWG rates most sunless tanners as being pretty toxic. This one is safe and most importantly, it works! I've used it twice. The color is natural and (as long as you exfoliate first and rub in evenly) the tan is perfect.
  • works great!
    Review by: beck on 3/20/2018
    Really works great, just be sure to apply very evenly or does leave streaks, but nice color and love all natural
  • nice product
    Review by: trish on 3/20/2018
    this tanner fits for me with not having the usual smell and being natural. I just put on legs and its a subtle clean product
  • one of the best
    Review by: msb on 3/20/2018
    have used a number of self tanners. very little odor. Spreads evenly and a little goes a long way. Streaking has been at a minimum if any
  • I like it, but it will clog your pores
    Review by: Dan on 3/20/2018
    works well and fast. I recommend using it after shower/bath and exfoliated skin.
    The product is on the thicker side so slightly damp skin helps.

    It definitely will clog pores and may cause breakouts for acne prone skin. If you have larger pores, I would not recommend this. Refined skin will likely not have a problem.

    It has the typical sunless tanning smell.

    use this sparingly, like 1-3 times a week as needed.
    be careful with white sheets if applied at night, that is why I usually put it on in the morning.
  • LOVE the All-Natural
    Review by: AJH on 3/20/2018
    While it's not as dark as my non-all-natural self-tanner, it still gets 5 stars for being all-natural. It's more of an orange color than brown, and I had to get used to the greasy gel feeling as opposed to a lotion. But I still like to use it on my face as a base and on my legs when I wear skirts to work. I like that it doesn't have sun protection so it's not thick like sun block for going to work, though the downside is you can't go without adding sun block on top for the weekends.
  • isn't very effective
    Review by: cAm on 3/20/2018
    I bought this hoping natural would work. It smells nice and does not make my skin break out, but I also need to apply it 3 times to see some change in my face color. I'm glad I tried it, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for actual color change.
  • Nice dark color and easy to use
    Review by: Ashley B. on 3/20/2018
    I like how it developed into a nice brown color. It didn't streak and was simple to use. It is a bit thick and takes a while to absorb, though. I usually try to go 30 minutes before getting dressed just to be sure. It hasn't rubbed off on clothes or sheets but it will stain on hands and feet if not careful. I put thick lotion or cream on my hands, feet, knees, and elbows beforehand so it isn't darker on those spots, which seems to work pretty well. I especially like it because it has better ingredients than other self tanners.
  • Nice smell for a self-tanner
    Review by: S. Burch on 3/20/2018
    At first try I did not like this at all because if not rubbed in, and I mean really rubbed in, it is tacky feeling. Once I read another reviewers' advice to rub it in well and even use a little moisturizer to improve the absorption and coverage I have changed my opinion fully. I bought this to try a more natural product (I've used Nutrogena-terribly smelly and Loreal-drying, in the past) The True Natural color is nice light brown, not orangy and has lasted several days with one application.
  • Works Well
    Review by: Consumer Advocate on 3/20/2018
    I did not order from this listed supplier as I can get it at a nearby store for $15 (and no shipping). Love it!! Not smelly like the the chemical ones . . . but not oder free. You will still smell a slight scent like that of a tanner. It moisturizes the skin well too. Getting more. Not from here though.
  • Fastest self tanner I have ever used. I already ...
    Review by: Traci on 3/20/2018
    Fastest self tanner I have ever used. I already have more of a glow and I've only used it twice.
  • Finally a natural self tanner that works great
    Review by: Gizmo on 3/20/2018
    I decided to try this since it was rated as the safest self tanner to use on another website. It smells good (not so much like lavender but the scent isn't strong), and tans my skin well without that orange hue. I dilute mine with other lotions in the ratio of 2 of this to 1 other lotion, and the result is a very natural tint, and I apply about once or twice a week. The only complaint is that the tube was smaller than I expected, and for the price I tend to use it up pretty quickly.
  • Doesn't really work
    Review by: Madisen on 3/20/2018
    I tan pretty easy and this just doesn't really do anything. Its a white type cream that rubs on smooth, but leaves my face feeling oily and really heavy. It doesn't even tan it. I have to use this product with another tanning lotion just to see anything. It doesn't stay on long and smells kinda bad. Def wouldn't recommend.
  • This stuff is a Godsend
    Review by: Leslie Ann Fithian on 3/20/2018
    I didn't think it was possible to find an all-natural, completely safe self-tanner that is so effective. So when I found True Natural I felt like a struck the jackpot. It feels great to put on, no greasiness whatsoever. Even with one application I saw an effect that was just right. I've been putting it on after I shower every three days, and I am so in love. I even use it on my face with great results. I have very sensitive skin and usually don't put anything on my face besides honey and jojoba oil, so I was scared to add this to my regimen, but I've had only positive results. FANTASTIC. Never stop making it please!
  • Love it
    Review by: Christina on 3/20/2018
    This self tanner is a good color for me (I'm very pale) and smells like citrus frosting to me instead of chemicals (it does smell a little for the hours it's working). I didn't have any issues with streaking and I feel great using it knowing that it's biobased.
  • Not bad...
    Review by: Karen A. Manley on 3/20/2018
    Still has a smell - didn't smell like lavender but has a nice even look
    - looking for one without a smell that is all natural
  • Nice color but doesn't absorb fully
    Review by: Diana L on 3/20/2018
    This gives me a nice tan. I've used it just on the face, neck and chest. But, after applying, it feels tacky and moist still on the skin for a few hours afterwards. It never quite absorbs all the way. I don't notice an intense smell -- just a little which I would expect. So, overall I am pretty satisfied.
  • Three Stars
    Review by: Joseph on 3/20/2018
    clogged pores caused breakout.
  • I love it
    Review by: Linda Wolf on 3/20/2018
    Works well. I love it.
  • smells and feels bad on skin
    Review by: LaLa on 3/20/2018
    I did not like this self tanner at all. It broke my skin out and it feels so nasty and heavy on the skin. I felt like my pores couldn't breath. I kept smelling it the whole time on my face and it smells like chemicals. I couldn't wait to get home to wash it off. It also gave me a really unnatural color. I don't recommend this tanner.
  • Five Stars
    Review by: - on 3/20/2018
    great tan!
  • smell bad & stains your skin!,
    Review by: GoGreen777 on 3/20/2018
    It was very disappointing because I really wanted this all natural tanner to work ,but it failed me. First of all it smells good going on ,but after it dries it has a bad odor and it is hard to see if your applying it evenly because it is clear. Try washing off the tanner and it was very difficult my skin was red and raw after scrubbing for several minutes! I am returning this tanner and will have to go back to my old bronzer with color.
  • THE ABSOLUTE BEST on the market!
    Review by: Amber T on 3/20/2018
    I'm a redhead, so have tried many self-tanners. Now being pregnant, I wanted to try an all natural self-tanner, and let me tell you, this is THE ABSOLUTE BEST on the market! There is no scent until the color starts to develop. Once the color is set, the scent practically disappears. The medium is exactly 1 shade darker than my skin, so it's easy for me to control how much color I want. THANK YOU! I will honestly use this for the rest of my life.

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