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What is the ÖKOTEST Award?

ÖKOTEST Magazine is a German consumer magazine that tests and grades products based on numerous criteria. Above all, ÖKOTEST is concerned with the potential health risks associated with a product.


Benecos has received four ÖKOTEST Awards since April 2012! Now you may be wondering what Sehr Gut means? Sehr Gut is German for very good, meaning the products are top notch, and non toxic.

The test criteria varies depending on the product type. Each issue of ÖKOTEST magazine has a section devoted to explaining the test criteria used. The criteria are often stricter than legal requirements. Each product featured in ÖKOTEST Magazine is tested by independent, accredited laboratories. The editors receive the results and give the product a grade from 1 to 6. Presence of toxins lowers a product's grade substantially.

To find out more information on the ÖKOTEST, click HERE. Four ÖKOTEST Awards since April 2012!