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Volume Mascara - Brown exp 06/2017

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Lavera wins Best Mascara in Good Housekeeping Research Instititue's Best of Natural Review, May 2012

WHAT IT IS: Lavera’s Volume Mascara is an award-winning natural mascara formulated for the most sensitive and allergy-prone eyes. When you read what ingredients are in most mascaras, it’s not a pretty sight. When you consider how quickly eye makeup can be absorbed into your bloodstream, natural really is the only way to go. That’s what sets all of Laveras mascaras apart from the rest – their natural and non-toxic ingredients. Also, because they’re dermatologically and ophthamologically tested, they are ideal for contact lens wearers. 

Winner! Good Housekeeping Research Institute's Best of Natural Review, May 2012!
See excerpt of reviewers' comments on right.

WHAT IT DOES:  Not only does this mascara volumize and lengthen lashes, but it’s actually good for them too.

KEY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Moisturizing extracts of organic jojoba and wild rose oils deeply hydrate lashes, promoting flake-free volume.

WHY WE LOVE IT:  We love Lavera’s award-winning Volume Mascara because it’s pretty much made us rock stars with our friends! Several of us here have friends who said they couldn’t wear mascara because their eyes were too sensitive. When we hooked them up with this mascara, we basically became heroes. Everyone can wear Lavera mascara! 

Formulated without: methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, dimethicone, polymers, BHT, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, mineral oil, petrolatum, triethanolamine, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals.

Ingredients: Aqueous-alcoholic Rose flower extract (organic alcohol) *, castor oil *, fatty alcohols, sorbitol, natural polysaccharides, vegetable glycerin oil, jojoba esters, hectorite, jojoba oil *, jojoba oil (hardened), lecithin, xanthan gum, acacia gum, vitamin E, sunflower oil, Vitamin C, natural sucrose, natural essential oils, may contain: iron oxides, ultramarine blue

* certified organic, ** component of natural essential oils

How To Use: Hold the brush horizontally and, starting at the base of the lashes, move it back and forth while sweeping upwards. If required, repeat this step. To create a more dramatic sweeping effect, use an eyelash curler before applying the mascara. Note: Lavera’s mascaras are smudge-resistant, but they are not smudge-proof. The best way to prevent smudging with natural mascara is to wear it on your upper lashes only. While waterproof mascara causes no smudging, waterproof mascaras typically contains silicon as well as other ingredients such as parabens and propylene glycol, all ingredients we don’t want anywhere near our corneas!

This is a Short-Life Clearance Item and is FINAL Sale. Short life products are items approaching their “best before” date (3 months or closer) as well as past the “best before” date. Most products are good at least 6 months past the “best before” date, if not longer. We recommend keeping products stored in a cool, dark location to extend their useful life. How do you know when the product is bad? Look for discoloration or an "off" smell. Until then, you can have peace of mind that the product is good, and that you’ve just saved yourself some money!

Cruelty Free, NaTrue Certified Natural, Vegan
Made in Germany

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