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Illuminating Eyeshadow: Electric Green 07 Exp. 12/2019

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WHAT IT IS:  What makes this natural talc-free eyeshadow so special is that it consists of two metallic colors blended together and baked into one shadow. The result is nothing short of bedazzling! When applied dry, it creates a subtle shimmer, but when applied with a drop of water, the color intensity gets kicked up a notch. Formulated for sensitive and allergy-prone eyes and skin, it’s also dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, so it is ideal for people who wear contact lenses.

Electric Green is a sheer, shimmery dark green shade that adds depth and interest to all eye colors.

WHAT IT DOES:  Eyeshadows add depth and dimension to your eyes, and using them can be a fun way to express your own unique beauty.  Also, as you age, the eye area becomes less defined, so adding eyeshadows are a great way to accentuate the positive! Lavera eyeshadows provide a safe and healthful way to achieve this, with their all-natural, talc-free formulas that glide on easily and have staying power.


•These Illuminating Eyeshadows are made with vegetable glycerin to help soften
  and soothe the skin.
•Seaweed powder is added to provide antioxidant protection while soothing and 
  calming the skin.
•Shimmer effect is from mica and all pigments are from natural minerals.

WHY WE LOVE IT:  We love how versatile these eyeshadows are, depending upon if you use them wet or dry. All the colors are shimmery gorgeous for both night and day wear. To create an even more dramatic effect, you can apply these shimmering eyeshadows to your eyelashes as well as to your lids. 

How To Use: Before applying shadow, smooth on your favorite eye primer (our favorite is Benecos Eyeshadow Primer). Apply eyeshadows dry for shimmery highlights. A drop of water ensures maximum pigmentation and a more intense color application.To create an even more dramatic effect, apply the shimmering eyeshadow to the eyelashes as well as the lids.

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Made in Germany

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, vegetable glycerin oil, silica, seaweed powder, magnesium stearate, lecithin, microcrystalline cellulose, algin, potassium cetyl phosphate, alcohol *, blend of natural essential oils, may include: mica, titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, ultramarine blue, iron oxides, chromium oxide green, tin

* certified organic

Formulated without: methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, dimethicone, polymers, BHT, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, mineral oil, petrolatum, triethanolamine, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals.

This is a Short-Life Clearance Item and is FINAL Sale. Short life products are items approaching their “best before” date (3 months or closer) as well as past the “best before” date. Most products are good at least 6 months past the “best before” date, if not longer. We recommend keeping products stored in a cool, dark location to extend their useful life. How do you know when the product is bad? Look for discoloration or an "off" smell. Until then, you can have peace of mind that the product is good, and that you’ve just saved yourself some money!

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