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What: Paprika (Capsicum Annuum) is a spice derived from the Capsicum pepper. It is rich in vitamin C and contains more vitamin C than lemon juice by weight. Paprika is also high in other antioxidants, containing about 10% of the level found in Açaí berries. It is commonly used as a natural, red pigment to tint products and cosmetics. Paprika can also be used with henna to bring a reddish tint to the hair or skin when coloring it. (Wiki).

Origin: Paprika was first produced in Spain, as that country was also responsible for the introduction of the bell pepper into Europe. In Spain, paprika is known as Pimentón, and is available in numerous varieties; pimentón ahumado, for example has a distinct smokey flavor and aroma, as it is dried by smoking, typically using oak wood. Hungary is a major source of paprika and is thus more commonly used (Wiki).

Products Found In: Paprika is found in cosmetic products like lip gloss and hair care products like shampoos, treatments, conditioners and dyes.

Toxicity: Paprika is generally designated as safe for general or specific, limited use in food and cosmetic products. It has been shown to produce strong allergic reactions in some people. (EWG).