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What: Beeswax (Cera Alba) is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees of the genus Apis. It is mainly esters of fatty acids and various long chain alcohols. Typically, for a honey bee keeper, 10 pounds of honey yields 1 pound of wax (Wiki).

This ingredient is listed in the PETA's Caring Consumer guide as a substance of animal origin (PETA: What's Wrong with Beeswax).

As a skin care product, a German study found beeswax to be superior to similar "barrier creams" (usually mineral oil based creams, such as petroleum jelly), when used according to its protocol (Peter J. Frosch, Detlef Peiler, Veit Grunert, Beate Grunenberg (July 2003)).

Products Found In: Beeswax is typically used in: lip balms, mascara, moisturizers, lip glosses, treatments, hand creams, concealers, anti-aging and many other cosmetic and skin care products.

Alternate Names: Beeswax absolute, beeswax concrete, beeswax, white (Apis Mellifera L.), bleached beeswas, cera alba, white beeswax, white wax, yellow wax, white (Apis Mellifera L.), beeswax

Toxicity: Beeswax is generally classified as non-toxic or harmful (EWG). The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Assessments has deemed it safe as used in cosmetics according to industry panel (Cosmetic Ingredient Review, CIR). Beeswas was NOT flagged by CEPA for further attention.