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A Word From Our Founder

I have been very passionate about natural living since my teens, when I still lived in Germany. This passion led me to study biochemistry and research, among other things, safe and natural ingredients. In the past 15 years working in the Personal care industry, I have learned a lot about what should be used in cosmetics, and what should not.

If you are here, you are most likely familiar with the reasons for using organic and natural beauty and personal care products — to avoid toxic and harmful ingredients entering our bodies and environment. But how to tell a truly natural product from a not-so-safe product that is hiding behind a misleading label can still be quite challenging for most of us today, as many false claims are being made today.

We recently conducted focus groups on the subject of natural and organic cosmetics and one topic led the discussion… Consumers do not trust the words “natural” or “organic” on product packaging because they are often misused.

My strong believe is that it should not be difficult to find and purchase products that are safe for you and your family. You should not have to be a scientist or green beauty expert to identify a nontoxic product. My mission is to make this process easier by offering you a brand that you know you can trust on sight.

Companies should not only have financial goals, but also a strong commitment to contributing to the environment and the health and well being of each individual customer and employee.

My dedication to safe and nontoxic products prompted me to create True Natural. As I see it, True Natural is not just a moniker for yet another line of natural skincare, but an honest name that embodies the very essence of my passion for nontoxic skin care and cosmetics. To me, True Natural means the highest quality, nontoxic ingredients combined with state-of-the-art technology to produce the safest and best performing personal care. To you, my goal is that True Natural will mean pure and affordable personal care you enjoy using for yourself, your family and you also like to recommend whole-heartedly to your friends.

Check the True Natural labels and you will find only the safest natural ingredients. My research and experience has led me to become well versed in not only which ingredients I don’t want in my products, but which I do and why. I share with you my knowledge on these healthy ingredients and their role in my products.

When I say truly natural, you can trust that I mean just that.

Uli Jacob, Founder