Winter presents new issues for our skin. Dry, cold air and indoor heating can quickly parch skin of necessary moisture, resulting in a dry, flaky, sallow complexion. This flakiness can also lead to breakouts.

To keep skin happy and healthy this season, rely on these three simple steps: Drink lots of water, remove makeup each night, and protect and moisturize.

Ok, the first step is a no-brainer. Drinking plenty of water hydrates the body from the inside out, keeping skin supple and glowing. And while water is essential to healthy skin and body, taking good care of your skin is key in warding off dryness and blemishes.

Cleanse skin each night to remove makeup and debris from the day, creating a clean and clear surface for your nighttime moisturizer to do its job. An effective nighttime moisturizer nurtures skin and provides rich hydration. Your skin should feel soft and comfortable when you awake in the morning, not tight or irritated. Nighttime moisturizers deliver intensive care to skin with rich organic plant oils, soothing and pampering the skin while you sleep.

If your skin tends toward very dry you may want to skip cleanser in the morning and opt for a splash of warm water instead, followed by another layer of moisturizer. For daytime, moisturizer should hydrate as well as protect from environmental irritants. Daytime moisturizers are designed to go on light, yet deliver deep-down hydration to skin. Many of our daytime moisturizers contain light sunscreen to protect against UV damage.

It is important to use the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type, and this may change slightly with the seasons. Someone with combination skin in humid summer months may find that they need extra moisture in winter. Don't forget to listen to the clues your skin is giving you and switch products accordingly. If your skin seems to become dry mid-day, or is looking sallow, red, flaky, or irritated, you need extra hydration.

Lavera's nourishing facial mask

Another way to provide extra hydration to skin is with a nourishing facial mask. Masks should be used once or twice a week and provides your skin that extra boost of hydration to soothe and nourish.

Lavera moisturizers are created to suit a variety of skin types and issues. Lavera moisturizers are hydrating, non-greasy, and made with healthy all natural ingredients.

Lavera FACES Wild Rose Day and Night Creams are ideal for dry skin, offering rich, soothing hydration. For those with very sensitive skin, try Pai Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream. This ultra rich omega-7 loaded and alcohol-free cream will calm and soothe even the most upset skin.

Even during dry weather months, certain skin types need a lighter moisturizer. Our FACES Calendula Balancing Cream is a versatile moisturizer that offers light, yet effective, hydration for combination skin. We have formulated our FACES Aloe Vera moisturizers to provide light hydration to sensitive skin. And choose FACES Mint Moisturizing Fluid for oily and acne-prone skin types.

Organic Anti Aging Skin Care for Mature Skin

If you are looking for anti-aging benefits with your moisturizer, My Age, SOLUTION, and INTENSIVE moisturizers are packed with natural anti-aging ingredients to protect, heal, and smooth the complexion.

FACES Wild Rose Liposome Face Mask lends intense hydration to skin with nourishing extracts of mango seed butter, Vitamin E, and organic plant oils. Indulge your skin with this relaxing treatment twice weekly. Your skin will thank you with a radiant glow.

Right now is the perfect time to stock up on moisturizers for winter.