Whole Foods Premium Body Care SealThe Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standard was set in place to help consumers in choosing “truly natural” products. Because personal care products are under regulated in the U.S., many brands claim to make natural products while they continue to use harmful ingredients. When Whole Foods shoppers see the Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standard seal they can feel good about the products they are purchasing.

Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standard identifies 400+ ingredients -- including parabens, polypropylene and polyethylene glycols, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates -- as unacceptable for use in body care products. The standard also has clear definitions on four main areas:

  • Preservatives – Most water-based products require a preservative to prevent bacterial growth and maintain freshness. The Premium Body Care Standard allows only mild, yet effective, preservatives like potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.
  • Parabens and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (like diazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin) are deemed unacceptable.
  • Fragrance – only natural essential oils or components of natural essential oils may be used as fragrance.
  • Surfactants – This type of ingredient makes a product foamy and is used as an emulsifier (to prevent separation), but are often irritating to skin. The Premium Body Care Standard accepts only those that are super mild, including decyl polyglucose and sodium stearoyl lactylate.
  • Sunscreens – Only sunscreens which create a physical barrier on the skin (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) may be used, rather than chemical sunscreens (such as oxybenzone and octyl methoxycinnamate).

True Natural's Broad Spectrum Sunscreens have been approved for the Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care seal