All Lavera products are certified 100% natural and contain 100% organic ingredients. However, over 100 products are also certified VEGAN by the UK based Vegan Society. A list of these vegan products are presented below. Click this link for SHOP NOW!

100% Natural & Organic
The BDIH is a standards body that certifies a product to be 100% natural, and in doing so, applies their own strict set of rules that govern any product displaying the Certified Natural seal. These rules define "Natural" to exclude synthetic compounds, petrochemical derived compounds, genetically modified organisms, raw materials from dead animals. It also excludes animal testing and mandates certified organic sourced ingredients wherever possible.
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Sun Sensitiv Line

After Sun Shimmer Lotion
After Sun Gel
Anti-Aging UVA SPF 15
Neutral Sun Milk SPF 20
Baby & Children Neutral Spray SPF 20
Self-Tanning Lotion
Glow & Go Shimmer Spray Self Tanner
Lip Balm SPF 15

NEW TREND Cosmetic Line

Tinted Moisturizing Cream - Natural
Natural Liquid foundation - Porcellane #1
Natural Liquid Foundation - Ivory #2
Natural Liquid Foundation - Honey #3
Natural Liquid Foundation - Almond #4
2-in-1 Compact Foundation - Beige #1
2-in-1 Compact Foundation - Caramel #2
Liquid Concealer No. 2 medium
Natural Concealer - Light #1
Natural concealer - Medium #2
Fine Loose Mineral Powder - Transparent
Mineral Compact Powder - Cool Ivory #1
Mineral Sun Glow Powder - Sunlight #1
Soft Lipliner - Apricot Beige #1
Soft Lipliner - Plum Brown #2
Beautiful Lips Lipstick - Peach Amber #2
Beautiful Lips - Golden Kiss #7
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow - Lily White #1
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow - Golden Beige #2
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow -
Mountain Blue #5

Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow - Forest Green #6
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow - Magic Gray #7
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow -
Chocolate Brown #8

Soft Eyeliner - Black
Soft Eyeliner - Brown
Soft Eyeliner - Gray
Liquid Eyeliner - Black
Liquid Eyeliner - Brown
Volume Mascara - Black
Volume Mascara - Brown

FACES Aloe Vera Line for Sensitive Skin

Cleansing Milk Aloe Vera
Toner Aloe Vera

FACES Calendula Line for Normal/Combination Skin

Balancing Cream Calendula
Cleansing Gel Calendula
Exfoliant Wash Calendula
Summer Glow

FACES Wild Rose Line for Dry/Stressed Skin

Cleansing Milk Wild Rose
Moisturizing Cream Wild Rose
Exfoliant Wash Wild Rose
Eye Gel Wild Rose
Toner Wild Rose

Young FACES Mint Line for Oily/Acne Skin

Cleansing Gel Mint
Exfoliant Face Mask Mint
Moisturizing Fluid Mint
Toner Mint

MyAge Product Line

My Age - Foaming Cleanser
My Age - Lifting Serum
My Age - Cooling Eye Roll On
My Age - Day Cream
My Age - Night Cream

LAVERE Anti-Aging Line

Body-Effect Anti-Cellulite Body ScrubBody-Effect Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub
Body-Effect Anti-Cellulite Oil Spray
Body-Effect Hand Cream SPF 5

Intensive Essentials Kit
Intensive Day Cream
Intensive Night Cream
Intensive Toner Mist
Intensive Facial Repair Mask
Intensive Cleanser

Solution Day Cream
Solution Facial Mist Toner
Solution Eye Cream
Solution Cleanser

Hair Care Shampoo, SLS Free

Mango Milk for Color Treated Hair
Rose Milk for Dry Hair Shampoo
Almond Milk for Sensitive Hair Shampoo
Apple Milk for Normal Hair Shampoo
Cornflower Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Lemon Milk for Oily Hair Shampoo
Orange Milk for Fine Hair Shampoo

Hair Care Conditioner, SLS Free

Mango Milk Hair Conditioner
Rose Milk Hair Conditioner
Mango Milk Hair Treatment, Travel Size
Mango Milk Hair Repair Treatment

Baby and Children Products

Baby Neutral Hair & Body Shampoo
Baby Neutral Oil Bath
Baby Shampoo
Baby Skin Oil
Baby & Kinder Almond Shampoo
Basis Baby Toothpaste - Strawberry

Basis Family Skin Care Line

Basis Moisturizing Body Lotion
Basis Cleansing Gel
Basis Cleansing Milk 2 in 1
Basis Deodorant Roll-on

Basis Carrot Face Cream

Men Care Line

Men Care Face Wash + scrub effect
Men Care After Shave Balm
Men Care All-round Moisturizing Cream
Men Care Shower Shampoo

NEUTRAL (Unscented) Personal Care Line

Neutral Cleansing Gel
Neutral Facial Fluid
Neutral Tooth Gel
Neutral Body Lotion Intensive

Bath & Body Line

Body Lotion Lavender and Aloe Vera
Body Lotion Orange-Sea Buckthorn
Body Lotion Vanilla-Coconut
Body Lotion Wild Rose
Body Lotion Vervain & Organic Lime
Hand Cream Orange-Sea Buckthorn
Hand Cream Wild Rose
Scrub Orange-Sea Buckthorn
Exfoliating Body Wash Vervain & Organic Lime
Shower & Bath Gel Lavender and Aloe Vera
Shower & Bath Gel Orange-Sea Buckthorn
Shower & Bath Gel Vanilla-Coconut
Shower & Bath Gel Wild Rose
Shower & Bath Gel Vervain & Organic Lime
Gentle Deodorant Roll-On Orange-Sea Buckthorn
Gentle Deodorant Roll-On Wild Rose
Gentle Deodorant Roll-On Vervain & Organic Lime