Hello and welcome to Lavera.com!

As part of our new "Lavera is Truth" campaign, we've completely revamped our website and rolled out a new television ad! It was certainly very exciting and a lot of new firsts for us.

While preparing for the commercial, we surveyed a number of our customers and found that there was a lot of mistrust around the words "natural" and "organic". A number of you ignored those terms completely, and most felt they were simply marketing terms thrown around loosely. As a consequence, most of our customer had actually done a lot of research, either online or by talking to friends and reps at natural product stores.

When I moved from Germany to North America in the late 90's, I noticed quite a difference between the strict European standards and the lenient North American ones. In the past 5 years, there's been an explosion of "green" brands in the marketplace, many containing parabens, PEG's and other unsavory ingredients. Hence its become even more confusing to distinguish between truly natural brands and "pseudo-green" brands.

As consumers today, we have become much more educated about what is good and bad for us, especially for food. It is our goal with the "Lavera is Truth" campaign to get more awareness and education out there about skin care ingredients. We've completely revamped our educational section, and we will be putting more ongoing effort there to put an ingredient dictionary together. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!