Animal derived ingredients are often found in skin care: beeswax, lanolin (a grease derived from wool), gelatin (from animal skin and bones), and squalene (extracted from shark's liver). To be considered vegan, products must consist of only ingredients sourced without any use of animals.

Look for the sunflower logo (by the UK based Vegan Society) on product packaging. The Vegan Society sets stricter standards regarding the use of animals in cosmetics and toiletries than any other certifying body. Another certifying body for vegan products is the American Vegetarian Association. The AVA certifies both Vegetarian as well as Vegan products.

But what about products that are not vegan?

Companies should use only the best natural ingredients. No chemicals, no artificial preservatives and no animal by-products. Where a cosmetic product is not vegan, it likely means that the formula contains honey, beeswax, or perhaps milk — natural, organic derivatives we carefully source without any harm to animals, and which we can find no better replacement, at least for now.

Vegan Society CertifiedAVA Certified Vegan100% Vegan Product

Vegan products on loveTrueNatural are indicated with one of these three possible logos in the product page.