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Quench Hair with Juicy Mango Infused Formulas

At Lavera we like to push the beauty boundaries. Many of our products are prize-winners for innovation and we strive always to use only the purest, most natural ingredients. All of the products in our range are 100% natural. Nearly all of those use certified organic ingredients. But at Lavera, many products go beyond natural and organic: more than one hundred are certi-fied vegan, having earned the Vegan Society's sought after stamp of approval for being completely free of animal products, by-products or derivatives. Visit our website for a complete list of all vegan Lavera products.*

What is the Vegan Society?

Founded in 1944, the Vegan Society is a UK based organization with the ability to approve products as 'vegan' – look for a sunflower logo on product packaging. It sets stricter standards regarding the use of animals in cosmetics and toiletries than any other certifying body.

So what does 'vegan' mean for your favorite Lavera moisturizer?

Where indicated as vegan, you can be confident that Lavera products rely solely on the potent power of flower and plant extracts to restore and maintain skin's healthy radiance. Ingredients often found in skin care such as beeswax, lanolin (a grease derived from wool), gelatin (from animal skin and bones), and squalene (extracted from shark's liver) are not allowed. Only ingredients sourced without any use of animals can be classed as vegan.

But what about Lavera products that are not vegan?

Don't worry – at Lavera we use only the best natural ingredients. No chemicals, no artificial preservatives and no by-products. Where a product is not vegan, it likely means that the formula contains honey, beeswax, or perhaps milk – natural, organic derivatives we carefully source without any harm to animals, and which we can find no better replacement, at least for now. To see an overview of ingredients used in lavera products, visit

Take A Peek at Lavera's Best-Selling Vegan Beauty Buys...

1. Volume Mascara $19.99

Just one of the star products in Lavera's Trend Cosmetics line proving that all-natural, plant based make-up can be every bit as good as other cosmetics - without all the chemical nasties. Organic oils of jojoba and wild rose hydrate and condition lashes while natural mineral pigments and Lavera's signature advanced shaping brush add volume, gloss and length for bright, beautiful eyes.

2. Lavere Lifting Serum $79

This potent anti-aging treatment pairs bio-hylauronic acid with organic extracts of bamboo and green tea to visibly improve lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, while balancing stressed, dehydrated skin. Skin is firmer, fresher and more radiant. A star product in our award winning Lavere line!

3. Lavere Lip Expert $49

Plump, perfect and nourish lips in one with this all-round lip conditioning treat. Plant based proteins penetrate deep to boost skin's micro circulation, enhancing lips' redness, reducing fine lines around the mouth by up to 85% and increasing lips' volume up to 75%. A firm celebrity favorite.

4. Anti-Age Sun Screen SPF20 Face $29.50

What could be better? Highly effective sun protection with proven anti-aging benefits, all delivered with zero chemicals and so many organic plant extracts it is hard to know where to start! Crushed mineral pigments provide broad spectrum protection against UVA, B and C rays. Extracts of caffeine and butcher's broom boost the skin's micro circulation, working to strengthen and firm. Witch hazel and liquorice soothe redness and irritation. Aloe vera gel hydrates, while essential fatty acids from cold-pressed sunflower oil give skin a very high level of nourishment. Don't go out in the sun without it!

5. Men Care Moisturizing Face Cream $13.99

A 2-in-1 skincare staple for men, this nourishing, non-greasy cream contains a wealth of organic oils from jojoba, almond and olive to hydrate and protect sensitive facial skin and hands. Organic aloe vera gel and shorea butter lend extra care and protection. A daily must for men!

6. Summer Glow Facial Moisturizer and Self-Tanner $29.50

Perhaps the most natural self-tanner you will ever use! Soy extracts – and strictly no chemicals - provide the active ingredient, reacting with amino acids present in skin to produce a gorgeous, fresh-from-holiday tanned effect. Nourishing organic extracts of peach, papaya, apricot and kiwi bring additional skin care benefits, while vitamins C and E lend valuable antioxidant protection.

7. Faces Wild Rose Cleansing Milk $27.50

A delicate, creamy cleanser perfect for dry or mature skin. Essences of organic wild rose, orange blossom and ginkgo gently yet effectively remove make-up and impurities while working to soothe, strengthen and protect. A customer favorite.

8. Mango Milk Hair Conditioner for Colored Hair $19.99

Packed with all-natural goodies to maintain the health, gloss and brightness of colored hair. Mango milk with shea and cocoa butters nourish and strengthen hair deep down, rice wax offers protection against color fade, while jojoba oil floods hair with moisture to leave locks salon-shiny.


About Lavera: Since its founding in 1987, Lavera brand grown to include more than 300 natural and organic skincare products. Lavera health and beauty products are currently sold in more than 24,000 locations in 25 different countries. The natural skincare market leader in Europe, Lavera celebrates its 25 year anniversary this year! Lavera was awarded the title of "Greenest Beauty Brand" for the second consecutive year by the prestigious OEKO-Test magazine in Germany, beating out 32 other companies. Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, the North American Division was formed in the late 1990s. For more information on Lavera, please visit

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