The USDA created a “USDA Organic” seal in 2002 in order to clearly identify organic consumer products. This was originally intended for food and beverages but has been extended to cosmetic and personal product manufacturers as well.

For an outright “Organic” claim, the products must contain 95% minimum organic content. 70% content required for "made with Organic" claims. Water and salt are not included in the calculation. The remaining 5% of ingredients are governed by the “National List” of approved ingredients.

When buying “USDA Organic” products, make sure to look out for soy, cotton and corn based ingredients, as these organic ingredients can be contaminated by genetically modified crops that are prevalent in the US. The “USDA Organic” seal does not specifically test for GMO’s. In Europe, GMO’s are not allowed and the BDIH rules against its use.