Once summer hits so do the shorts, mini-dresses, and bathing suits. And it is always nice to boost your body confidence with a bit of summer glow.

We all know by now that a real-deal suntan may make you look fabulous temporarily, but the long term damage is anything but. UV damage can result in sun spots and premature aging, as well as skin cancer.

Avoid the damage and go for the glow with True Natural Self Tanner Face & Body. Our tanner is chemical-free and easy to use, plus it provides a super natural-looking tan minus the dangers.

True Natural Self Tanner contains DHA derived from natural plant sugars that create a nontoxic reaction with amino acids on the top layer of skin. This reaction results in a natural-looking tan. Easy to use as body lotion, simply apply to exfoliated skin and results appear within 3-4 hours and slough away naturally.

To build up a darker tan, reapply every 3-4 hours until desired tan is acheived. The unaltered before and after photos above shows a nice streak-free tan after 3 applications

Added bonus: TRUE Natural Self Tanner Face & Body contains natural anti-aging ingredients jojoba, aloe vera, and green tea extract. These powerful ingredients protect and support the skin, and help fight free radical damage. So, you are not only protecting skin from UV damage, but nourishing it with healthy ingredients.

TRUE Natural Self Tanner Face & Body is an all-in-one sunless tanner that hydrates, protects, and supplies a natural glow. Never any streaking or orange-ness, and skin is left soft, supple and lightly scented. Your safe summer glow — anytime, anywhere.