Have you heard of the new USDA BioPreferred certification? Well we have! As a matter of fact, all True Natural products have been officially awarded USDA BioPreferred designation.

What is Biobased Certification?

This year the USDA created a new certification in effort to substantiate a manufacturer’s claims of a product containing biological-based ingredients. Products must undergo testing by a USDA certified third-party lab to determine the bio-based content. Products confirmed to contain at least 25% bio-based ingredients meet the BioPreferred requirements and may carry the BioBased certification.

What are BioBased Ingredients?

Bio-based ingredients are those which are renewable and non-fossil (non-petroleum) based. The BioPreferred program is intended to increase purchase of these renewable and domestic materials, promoting our agricultural businesses and encouraging cosmetics manufacturers to use safer ingredients in their products.

BioBased and True Natural

While a product need only contain 25% bio-based ingredients to garner BioPreferred Certification, True Natural contain 100% bio-based ingredients. That’s right, our products are made completely of ingredients from renewable, non-petroleum sources.

We use pure plant oils and organic flower extracts in our sunscreens and self-tanner. Safer and gentler for your skin, body, and our environment. Natural minerals provide the highest and safest sun protection in our sunscreens, no harmful chemicals and better UV protection.

We are proud to offer you our new, healthy, all-natural products made with all bio-based ingredients. At True Natural Cosmetics our products are just that…TRULY NATURAL.

Learn more about the USDA BioPreferred program here: website.