Lavera's 2012 cosmetic line is talc-free—using rice powder as a more natural alternative. Talc used in Lavera-legacy cosmetics (discount, clearance sections) is asbestos free.

More about talc:

Talc is a naturally occurring substance that is used in cosmetic and baby powders as a filler material because of its consistency. It is an inert mineral with no inherent toxicity. Pure talc does not cause any skin reactions or irritations.

Concern over talc safety originated due to its association with asbestos which can occur in some talc deposits. Low grade talc used in the past by some companies were contaminated by asbestos, which is a known carcinogen.

Since 1972, government mandated testing and certification has ensured that ALL COSMETIC GRADE TALC is asbestos free. The FDA has approved cosmetic grade talc as safe. All talc used in Lavera products are pharmaceutical grade, which is used in prescription tablets as filler, and is considered the purest form of talc.