Many of you may already be familiar with the latest disturbing news regarding a popular brand of sunscreen. For those of you who aren't familiar, this brand, that touts itself as "all natural, safe, water resistant and non-toxic," has been on the receiving end of some very bad publicity from their customers. Parents have been posting pictures on social media of themselves and their children with horrible sunburns after wearing this brand of sunscreen. It is a scary situation because we all assume we can trust our sunscreens to keep us safe. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain to our customers again what makes True Natural sunscreens safe and healthy to use.

Why are True Natural sunscreens safe?

  • True Natural uses a higher combined percentage of sunscreen active ingredients (nano-free zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are what protects the skin from dangerous sun rays) in order to provide the highest level of sun protection.
  • All True Natural sunscreens are Broad Spectrum. What does that mean? Only sunscreens that have met the FDA standard for Broad Spectrum protect against both UV-B and, the stronger and more damaging UV-A rays, which are linked to skin cancer. Sunscreens that are not Broad Spectrum only protect against UV-B.
  • True Natural Sunscreens are top-rated in the EWG's Skin Deep Sunscreen categories for the last 4 years as sunscreens that provide 100% mineral-based protection without hazardous chemicals that penetrate the skin. * While we understand that decreasing the active ingredients in our formulas might make them easier to apply and perhaps more transparent, our commitment is first and foremost providing the highest level of broad spectrum protection available, guaranteed not to result in sunburns. And they decrease the risk of skin cancer and skin aging when they are used as directed.

As summer comes to an end, be sure to stay just as diligent with your sun protection as you were on June 1! Apply and reapply liberally, remembering all your easy-to-forget areas like ears, the back of your neck, tops of your feet, back of your arms, chest area and lips.  If your skin starts showing redness, put on extra clothing go find some shade.

General recommendations for staying safe in the sun using SPF 30 Sunscreen are:
Fair Skin -- 2-3 hours
Medium Skin -- 4-5 hours 

To learn more about safe sun exposure and how much time you can safely be in the sun, read our blog Safe Sun Exposure. For additional reading about SPF facts read our article Facts About SPF.

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