Lavera's Orange Sea Buckthorn Body ScrubThe key to a smooth, streak-free tan is clean exfoliated skin. In order for your self tanner to work, the skin must absorb the tanning ingredients. Dead skin absorb more product and get darker, while skin with moisturizers and other oils on it will absorb less and not tan as well. So a good body scrub and clean skin is a must!

With a self tanner - a tan will develop wherever the lotion is applied - even the palms of your hands! We always recommend you use a natural self tanner - you are using a self tanner as a safe, natural alternative to sun-tanning and tanning-beds - why replace that with a lotion containing harmful, synthetic chemicals?

True Natural's Self Tanner

We recommend the True Natural Self Tanner - a great, streak-free tan, bronze tan in 3-4 hours.

UV Protection
A self tanner does NOT provide any UV protection from the sun. Since you are using self tanner to protect yourself from skin cancer and the early aging effects caused by the sun, a good, natural, broad spectrum sunscreen is a must! Check out our selection of safe, natural sunscreens here.

Create a flawless tan with True Natural Self Tanners!

How to Create A Flawless Tan

1. Cleanse and exfoliate with your favorite natural products

2. Dry skin completely (drips cause streaking)

3. For face and body, massage into skin in circular motions

4. Use a small amount on elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hands

5. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water

6. Wait 10-15 minutes until self-tanning lotion is absorbed before dressing

7. To maintain tan level, repeat application after 4-5 days