The secret behind beautiful polished nails is a well kept secret. To keep your nails free from cracks and unevenness, sand them with a fingernail file regularly.

The cuticle can be periodically pushed back gently with a stick. Prior to that, leave the hands for several minutes in warm water with oil, which makes the skin soft and moisturized at the same time.


Begin by painting the middle of the nail, do not apply too much paint at once. At the edge of the nail, a narrow strip on both sides is not painted to visually narrow and elongate the nails. Small errors can be best corrected immediately with care. Let the paint dry sufficiently to avoid damage.

To make the polish strong and durable, apply a second coat. This step is especially recommended for darker colors. Finish it with a layer of clear coat - that's it!


For natural and not too flashy but beautifully maintained nails, use SOFT PINK SHADES or in GRAY. Those who want to try something new but donĀ“t dare to use colors like bright red or blue can try DEEP PINK. It flatters, gives color, but is not too flashy - it just fits with everything.

The hype around MINT GREEN will go on this year too. This color looks even beautiful on very short nails. BlUE nails look great in Summer with jeans and open sandals.

OUR SECRET TIP: ORANGE. The latest fashion color trend now also applies to nails! Orange gives a good mood, is lively, and fits perfectly with gold, white, black and orange!

An old time favorite for nails remains red. The brightly colored shades are especially suited to longer nails. For shorter nails, however we would recommend a dark burgundy or wine red.