CEO of Lavera Cosmetics Discusses Hot Trends for 2010 Organic and Natural Beauty Products; Educates Consumers To Help Them Navigate Through The Jungle of Natural and Organic Labels

Lavera’s “Truth in Beauty” tour offers consumer education and preview of hot new beauty trends for winter and beyond!

WHY: We all know the benefits of eating home cooked, organic foods—fewer toxins, no genetically modified ingredients and more flavor. What many consumers are now realizing is that the same holds true for beauty and personal care products as well. As consumers are becoming more educated about the importance of safe and natural ingredients, the natural and organic beauty industry has begun seeing the boom that the organic food market and organic cleaning products saw in years past. Lavera Naturkosmetik is a leader and an industry trendsetter in the natural and organic category, and is working to further educate consumers about the ingredients found in most mainstream beauty products today. A top-selling beauty brand in Europe for years, Lavera is excited to make its debut in the U.S. and offer some of the hottest new trends in beauty that are developing a following from mainstream consumers and celebrities alike.

WHAT: Ulrike Jacob, CEO of Lavera cosmetics, is visiting New York on August 12 & 13 to embark on a “Truth in Beauty” tour to not only educate consumers on the benefits of using natural and organic products, but to give a preview of some the latest in skincare and beauty for 2010. A go-to expert in the organic beauty category, she would love to share with you and your readers more information about how European regulations for beauty products are different from the U.S., what that means to consumers, and how Lavera products are some of the best, safest products available on the market today. In addition, Ulrike would love to share with you some the cutting edge in beauty for 2010, including:

  • Hot new colors for fall: Did you know that the average woman will eat 6 lbs of lipstick over her lifetime? Did you also know that many of the lipsticks on the market today also contain harmful ingredients such as lead? A smart solution—Lavera offers a wide variety of natural and organic lipsticks that don’t contain many ingredients found in mainstream lipstick. Available in many varieties to bring color into the grey days, Ulrike can preview some of the hot new colors for winter, as well as some fun color choices in eye shadows and blush.
  • Dry Skin Dilemma: As soon as people even think of the cold air and harsh wind that hit each winter, their skin starts to itch. In fact, 1 in 32 or 8.4 million Americans suffer from dry skin, and because of this, consumers try every face wash and lotion they can get their hands on to help quench their skin’s thirst. But what they don’t know, is that the products they buy to help moisturize their skin could leave it even more irritated with all its harmful ingredients. This winter, consumers should turn to Lavera Faces Wild Rose, Whole System for Dry Skin, or their Faces Calendula line for all natural, non-irritating dry skin relief.
  • Dreaded Pale Skin: We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of winter, your tan has long faded, and you feel washed out. Your first thought is to hit the tanning bed because you don’t want to deal with smelly, streaking fake tanners. But think again. Just this week, the International Agency for Research on Cancer moved tanning beds to its highest cancer risk category and announced that tanning beds are just as deadly as arsenic! Lavera’s Self Tanner for Body is certified organic and all natural, so it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals found in most self tanners AND it doesn’t have the pungent odor associated with most sunless tanners! It a much safer, and much more effective way to keep that summer glow all year long!

WHEN: August 12 & 13, 2009

WHO: Ulrike Jacob may be the only CEO of a major cosmetics and personal care brand in the U.S. with an advanced degree in chemistry and major in biochemistry. She heads Lavera Skin Care North America, the U.S. arm of Europe’s dominant green beauty brand. The German maker of organic and natural cosmetics and personal care products commands a 27 percent market share in Europe, and is top-ranked in rigorous consumer tests among industry cohorts. Jacob, in her role at Lavera/North America, has emerged as a strong and credible voice advocating that Europe’s stringent regulation of ingredients in personal care products become the U.S. standard as well.

HOW: To schedule an interview with Ulrike or to receive more information please contact Rachel Rademacher at 651-789-1269 or [email protected]

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