Though most conventionally produced personal care products can easily be switched out for organic products, certain items still receive a skeptical response from consumers. Organic deodorants are often met with more uncertainty than other body care products. This wary reaction is most likely due to our familiarity with antiperspirants and the way they perform.

Conventional antiperspirants are made with aluminum to block pores and prevent perspiration from surfacing. While this may give us a sense of security where dryness is concerned, aluminum is considered a neurotoxin that can potentially cause DNA damage. That is not quite as comforting.

Aluminum used in antiperspirants (in the form of ALUMINUM ZIRCONIUM TRICHLOROHYDREX) is listed in The Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database as a human nervous system toxicant. Studies have also shown that aluminum salts mimic estrogen in our bodies and have been found in their intact forms in the tumors of breast cancer patients.

And breast cancer is not the only disease linked to aluminum. The ingredient is also suspected of increasing risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, a neurodegenerative disorder and the most common cause of dementia. Scientists have found plaques in the brains of some patients suffering from the disease, and research is beginning to show that aluminum may contribute to the formation of plaques in the human brain.

Aluminum aside, most antiperspirants on drugstore shelves also contain such harmful ingredients as parabens, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance and petro-chemicals. The real danger is that antiperspirants and deodorants are products the majority of us apply each and every day. So, we are constantly exposed to these harmful chemicals.

And so are our children. Kids are starting to use deodorant at an increasingly younger age which adds up to a lifetime of greater exposure and further risk for disease.

There are safer alternatives and though they may not behave like the products you are used to, your body will adjust to the natural ingredients. Natural deodorants actually provide longer lasting odor control than the synthetic variety and you can feel good knowing only healthy ingredients are applied to your skin.

Natural essential oils and plant extracts used in natural deodorants are very effective at limiting bacterial growth and keeping underarms fresh all day. Ingredients like baking powder, cornstarch and alum are often used to absorb wetness and do a good job at that.

Lavera Basis Roll-on DeodorantLavera deodorants are made without aluminum, phthalates or synthetic ingredients. These natural deodorants contain pure plant ingredients to safely and effectively neutralize odor-causing bacteria. Lavera's customer favorite is our Basis deodorant.

You may still be concerned about the wetness factor. The bottom line is that most over-the-counter antiperspirants will not keep you bone dry in a pulse pounding situation. And even if you do sweat a little bit, which is the body’s natural way of keeping cool, you will smell fresher when using a product with natural ingredients than those with chemical scents.

Tip: If you are truly in need of added dryness protection try patting on a small amount of baking soda after you have applied the roll-on. This should help to absorb excess moisture.

Natural deodorants are a healthy way to stay fresh all day.