It has been said that the greatest amount of damage done by UV rays is that received before age 20. Research definitely indicates that over exposure to the sun's UV rays during childhood significantly increases the risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

The teen years see the most high risk sun exposure. Out of parent's watch, and insistence of sunscreen usage, teens are much more likely to get sunburns and sun damage. And this is not only happening at the beach and pool, but tanning salons too.

altTeens make up a large percentage of the tanning salon clientele, and research now shows that regular tanning bed usage prior to the age of 35 can increase the risk of melanoma by a whopping 75%.

Legislation is under way to put a ban on minors using tanning beds, with 32 states currently regulating the use of tanning beds by minors. New legislation would make it illegal for anyone under 18 to use tanning beds. The current law is children between 14 and 17 first need parental approval.

The threat of skin cancer and premature aging may go a long way toward encouraging our youth to avoid the damaging effects of tanning beds. Same goes to over exposure to UV rays from the sun. Lavera presents a great alternative to that harmful glow.

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