Its important to note that Lavera self tanners do not protect against the damaging effects of the sun. That's the job of Lavera's sunscreens. Lavera uses 100% natural mineral pigments to deliver effective UV-A, B and C protection in the SUN product line. Mineral pigments create a physical shield that sits on the surface of the skin to block UV rays. Unlike synthetic sunscreen ingredients, mineral pigments do not accumulate in the body and affect the healthy functioning of internal organs or the normal balance of reproductive hormones. The current sunscreen line has been reformulated to meet the strict European Union sunscreen regulations, requiring UVA protection be at 1/3rd of the stated SPF, ensuring you have the best protection possible.

Lavera Self Tanners — A Healthy and Safe Approach to Tanning

Lavera self tannersThis unaltered photo shows a smooth, natural tan develop on the right arm compared to the untreated left arm. Lavera self tanners give you a healthy sunkissed tan within only 3 hours after initial application. Self Tanner for Face FACES Summer GlowThere are two organic self tanning lotions from Lavera - one for the face, another for the body, that's completely chemical and toxin free!

Lavera's “Tan and Protect Kit” — Healthy Looking Tan & Sun Protection

Tan & Protect Kit Kit includes:

Now you can have the best of both worlds! Enjoy being in the sun without exposure to the damaging effects of the sun AND have a great looking tan without exposure to harmful chemicals!

First apply a tanner for that sunkissed glow of being in the sun then apply sunscreen to protect against the damages of the sun. You will look and feel great.