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Lavera Natural Cosmetics: The Best Choice for a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Roughly 3 million Americans have Celiac Disease, 85% of which are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Celiac Disease is also known to lead to multiple other disorders including some cancers, neurological disorders and infertility. The only effective treatment for Celiac Disease is a completely gluten free lifestyle, there are no pharmaceutical drugs available to treat Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune digestive disease which interferes with a person’s ability to digest food and absorb fat, which can lead to anemia and weight loss. Even though celiac disease is normally associated with food consumption, those who have gluten sensitivities should also stay clear of skin products which contain gluten because skincare and makeup products that contain gluten can be absorbed into the skin.

Not only is Lavera Natural Cosmetics all natural, organic and cruelty free, the entire Lavera cosmetic line is gluten free! Since people with gluten sensitivities must stay clear of skin products which contain gluten, finding products that work effectively and are safe for your health can be difficult. Lavera has any beauty or personal care product that you may need, including anti-aging, makeup and even products for children.

Lavera Makeup: From sultry smoky eyes to red-hot lips. Lavera has everything you need from the velvety smooth eye shadows, to creamy foundations and the smooth vibrant lipsticks you need to look your best in any season.

MyAge Anti-Aging: The next generation of effective, natural and healthy skincare made with the purest ingredients from nature, formulated for all your skin needs to look healthy, radiant and youthful.

FACES: Designed specifically for your skin, every skin type gets the right care. Organic active ingredients release the purest organic healing essences deep into the skin.

Self-Tanners/ Tanning Lotions: A safe, natural and fabulously scented alternative to exposing your skin to dangerous UV rays or subjecting yourself foul smelling self-tanners!

Body Spa: Indulge your senses with a decadent home spa experience. Cleanse, pamper and protect with our natural products made from pure plant and flower extracts, and organic ingredients.

Basis: 100% natural and chock full of organic ingredients from Lavera's own production, Basis is an affordable and healthy choice for the entire family.

Toothpaste: The good news is - you don't need all of those nasty chemicals to keep your children's teeth and gums healthy. Lavera has delicious toothpaste that has zero chemicals, with flavors that your kids will also love!

Lavera Neutral: Lavera Neutral skin care line is designed specifically for those with very sensitive or allergic skin. No redness, irritation or breakouts.

Men’s Skin Care: Not only does Lavera create products for the whole family, men can also benefit from organic, all natural and gluten free shaving creams, face washes and after shaves.

As a gluten free individual, you must stay away from specific ingredients including glutenin and gliadin. These two gluten proteins are the main wheat germ extracts which affect individuals with Celiac Disease. Lavera’s skin care and cosmetic lines are free of these ingredients.


About Lavera: Since its founding in 1987, Lavera brand grown to include more than 300 natural and organic skincare products. Lavera health and beauty products are currently sold in more than 24,000 locations in 25 different countries. The natural skincare market leader in Europe, Lavera celebrates its 25 year anniversary this year! Lavera was awarded the title of "Greenest Beauty Brand" for the second consecutive year by the prestigious OEKO-Test magazine in Germany, beating out 32 other companies. Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, the North American Division was formed in the late 1990s. For more information on Lavera, please visit

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