Summer has come and gone, which means there’s room for a new lipstick update, with gorgeous shades perfect for autumn. These five shades will add some vibrancy and variety to any of your looks this fall! LoveTrueNatural has the right shade for any mood or occasion for you, whether you want a subtle nude for a coffee date on a cold day, or a vibrant, striking red for an evening out. Made with organic jojoba and sunflower oils, these lipsticks moisturize lips while keeping them looking lovely. This smooth, creamy, stay-put formula provides long lasting color for the chilly season ahead.

1. Burgundy

Burgundy gives your look a strong statement. It is dark and gorgeous and will add a touch of glamour to any look. For fair skin, Lavera’s Purple lipstick will give your lips the perfect pop. The color purple gives lips a deep colored touch, which contrasts vividly against lighter tones. Lavera’s Maroon kiss is a beautiful dark rose with purple undertones. This shade will complement medium skin tones the best. Benecos’ Dark Red lipstick works best with dark skin. It is deep and shimmery with wine undertones that will make your lips stand out against all darker complexions.


2. Hot Pink

Pink is a classic, feminine color that will be a must-have for the fall. Popular autumn beauty looks, such as a smoky eye or a bronzed face, paired with pink lips will create a youthful and fun look. The trick with pink lips is that the darker your skin tone is, the darker you’ll want your pink lips to be. For light skin, Lavera’s Rosewood lipstick has a simple, sheer, rosy pink color. Medium tones will benefit beautifully from Benecos’ Hot Pink. This pink is brilliant and bright, with a shimmering touch to it. For darker tones Benecos’ Pink Rose has a great deeper and darker pink tone to it that will complement dark skin tones gorgeously.


3. Coral

Coral and orange tones are daring and will stand out gorgeously this fall. Benecos’ Peach shade goes fabulously with fair skin tones because it is a true coral with hints of pink, which gives your lips a rosy coral pop. If you have medium skin, a bright melon shade will give your lips the best coral look this fall. Lavera’s Sunset Orange is a gorgeous melon toned coral with pink undertones. For darker skin Benecos’ Soft Coral is ideal. For dark skin, some shimmer in your coral shade will have the best effect on your skin. Benecos’ Soft Coral has a deep orange tone with hints of light pink that will leave your lips illuminated!


4. Cherry Red

Red lipstick is a classic, striking, and timeless accessory. A bright and intense red shows off your sense of style, confidence and attitude. Red Berry Charm is just right shade for a fairer face. It is a bright apple red that complements fairer tones well. The Just Red lipstick is a deep, true red that is ideal for medium tones. For darker skin tones, the best choice would be Marry Me, which is a deep gorgeous red. Each of these reds have a vivid and intense shade that will give intense contrast to your lips, perfect for a night out on the town, or just as an everyday beauty statement.


5. Nude

Nude lipstick gives your lips a natural and subtle look in the fall. With a nude lip color, you have a beautiful subtle source of color, while also keeping it incredibly simple. As long you keep your color just a shade darker than your natural lip color, your lips will not appear chalky or caked on. Our Pink Honey shade is perfect for adding some color to fair skin tones. The pink undertones in Pink Honey give your lips a warm and noticeable glow. Benecos’ Toffee shade is beautiful against darker skin. It is soft chocolate brown that has a slight bronze shimmer which gives darker complexions a gorgeous glow. These nude shades give your lips a sparkle while also keeping them natural and stunning!