The Stiftung zur Förderung der Hautgesundheit (Institute for the Advancement of Skin Health) has given itself the task to advance through different means and measures skin health to the broadest public. For this, we have called on cooperation with official offices of administrations, associations, communities and experts. Depending on the type of project, the measures will be carried out in German-speaking and also international contexts.

With the Cosmetic Analysis Establishment Project, above all the consumer should have the information presented about the risks and benefits of cosmetics for skin health in a manufacturer-neutral fashion. The respective ingredients are presented especially with their individual risks and benefits. The consumer can be strengthened and take part directly in the future health and beauty of his/her skin through the possibility of research tolerance of ingredients.

This project is also oriented to experts, such as physicians, experts in natural healing professions, druggists, pharmacists, cosmeticians and scientists from different interface fields, such as environmental protection or toxicology. The information can make connections between the ingredients, the products and possible effects transport to you from the information in the platform. Experts can be supported in their work and advice through fast access to

The cosmetic manufacturers can deliver the underlying information for new product and marketing measures, which help them to be more strongly oriented to individual skin health and the benefits for users.

The contents can be internationally accessed in English at the domain