Once colder weather hits, so does dry, dull skin. What works in warmer months just won't do for chillier climates. Not to worry, a few simple fixes to your skin care arsenal and your skin will be happy, healthy and glowing in no time.

Let's take it from the top. Our face is our window to the world and tells a story of its happiness whether we are smiling or not. Dry, irritated skin is lack-luster and tends to show more redness. This is a sign that skin is upset. While covering with more makeup may be a tempting quick fix, it is not the answer.

Pure plant oils are the perfect solution for dry, irritated or otherwise unhappy skin. A healthy facial oil will moisturize, heal and rejuvenate any skin type, even problem and sensitive skin. But oils do more than simply moisturize, they can also be used to cleanse and reduce breakouts. Rose hip oil is especially beneficial — with anti-aging, skin-softening and blemish reduction properties. Other good-for-skin plant oils are almond, apricot, avocado, coconut, sesame and olive.

You may wonder why your skin seems to be breaking out if it is drier than usual. If you are continuing to use your warm weather skin care you may be stripping your skin of its natural oils, which will cause over-production and breakouts. Try FACES Wild Rose Cleansing Milk for creamier, gentler cleansing this time of year. INTENSIVE Cleanser is also very nourishing and supplies anti-aging benefits.

Exfoliation is still very important in cold months, just be sure never to exfoliate skin that is irritated. Mild exfoliation should be done once or twice weekly to remove dry, dead skin cells. Skin will be able to more easily absorb nourishing treatment and moisture and will look fresh and healthy. FACES Wild Rose Exfoliating Wash gently exfoliates skin while cleansing and lending moisture.

Moisturizers should be more intensive this time of year, as well. INTENSIVE Day Cream SPF 5 contains healthy skin oils (olive, sweet almond and jojoba) to hydrate and protect skin from harsh elements and is perfect for sensitive skin.FACES Wild Rose Liposome Intensive Night Cream provides serious healing and HYDRO Sensation Moisturizing Cream works wonders for treating those prone to acne.

The body needs special attention this time of year too. Gentle exfoliation, with a scrub or dry brush, will help keep skin soft and smooth. Try BODY EFFECT Anti-Cellulite Scrub to slough skin and add a hit of moisture. BODY EFFECT Anti-Cellulite Oil Spray after bath or shower will keep skin soft and supple and delivers skin nourishing plant oils, not to mention a delicious scent. For a more intensive body treatment, or for seriously sensitive skin, use Neutral Body Lotion Intensive.

Don't forget those digits. Hardworking hands can become dry, cracked and red in no time flat. Use Basis Hand Cream throughout the day for grease-free moisturization. At night add a layer of BODY EFFECT Hand Cream SPF 5 to hands and cover with cotton gloves. This age old remedy has been handed down for years and truly works. And be sure not to overlook nails and cuticles, as they too feel the effects of colder months.

These cold weather skin care suggestions, along with a healthy diet and plenty of filtered water, should keep you glowing all winter long.