Zinc oxide is the super sunscreen of the day — nontoxic, natural, and simply the best at providing UV protection. But you may remember zinc as the glaring white substance on the lifeguard’s nose at your local pool growing up. Yes, that zinc.

While zinc oxide is your best defense against sun damage, the white residue is less than desired. In an effort to reduce the white effect manufacturers have begun using smaller particle zinc known as nano-particles (under 100 nanometers). It is true that nano-particle zinc goes on less white, but the smaller particles tend to clump together and form larger aggregate particles which still show up on skin.

Nanos are also being researched for possible health risks. Due to the small size of nano-particles, some experts believe they can penetrate the deeper layers of skin and possibly enter our organs and bloodstream. This absorption could lead to cell damage and adverse health effects. Though the FDA has not yet ruled on the safety of nano-particles, we at TRUE Natural feel nanos are best avoided and do not use them in our sunscreens.

Well, zinc has come a long way. TRUE Natural Sunscreens contain an innovative new zinc oxide, 10 times larger than nano-particle zinc. This new Zinc Technology is ECOCERT approved for use in Certified Organic Cosmetics and, because of a special process and larger size, does not clump or produce a white residue on skin. Goes on clear and provides the safest, most effective protection against UVA and UVB rays.

For your summer outdoor activities, trust TRUE Natural Sunscreens for superior protection. Truly natural, clearly the best.