Cancer is always a very difficult thing to go through. With harsh treatments, serious surgeries, and the hope that keeps you fighting, you deserve a little something to make you feel at your best! Lavera offers a whole line formulated for those with sensitive skin. Liz, from Organic Beauty Source speaks about her mother's journey and the products that let her feel like the beautiful woman she is!

"Dealing with cancer treatment and its side effects is difficult enough. Losing your hair can seem like a whole new battle. You still have to go out in public and it boosts your spirits to look nice, whether out or at home. But most of us have little experience with a beauty regimen that includes no eyebrows or lashes.

Like I have mentioned here before, my Mom is once again battling cancer. So, while I would rather not be writing this article about her, I do want to share what we've found with those of you who are dealing with cancer yourselves or have someone in your lives who is.

It is especially important when going through chemotherapy to stay as healthy as possible. Nutritious diet, avoiding unnecessary germs, and lowering your exposure to toxins. Nontoxic make up and skin care are much healthier choices than conventionally made products.

Lavera makes a wide selection of beautiful make up products free from harmful cosmetic ingredients, many ingredients which have been linked to cancer. Their formulations are gentle enough for chemical-sensitized skin and they perform like a dream. Lavera make up is one of my favorite brands, and I always have their mascara and eyeliners on hand.

But how do they work on skin sensitized by chemo and/or radiation? My Mom put them to the test. Mom has a great wig(even her oncologist didn't know it wasn't her real hair!) but was still left with no eyebrows. She tried Lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel and it works like a charm. Very natural looking and easy to apply. Mom also uses Lavera Eyeliner Pencil in brown to create a soft, natural looking lash line.

Thanks to Lavera, and Mom's natural beauty, she looks great through this extremely trying time in her life."