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    It makes sense to start with the eyebrows. An Eyebrow Brush allows the hairs simply to be combed into shape. Then with the Eyebrow Pencil, define the brows with fine lines and make them even. The lines can also be slightly blurred with the brush to make them less noticeable.

    It’s not news that mineral sunscreens are more effective. Many mainstream sunscreen brands have even developed mineral formulas, but not all mineral sunscreens are created equally. Following are tips on choosing a safe natural sunscreen.

    Hydrate Your Lips With Lavera Lip Balm!

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    Skin on lips is up to five times thinner than that on the face, making it more susceptible to harsh winter weather and in vital need of extra care and protection. Accordingly, each one of Lavera's new balms is formulated with a base of ten organic flowers and plant extracts to provide just the right level of intensive care and nourishment lips need.

    Rich shea and cacao butters, together with olive oil and beeswax lend a protective barrier against freezing temperatures, and make for a deliciously soft and creamy texture. Delicate candelilla wax provides further, gentle defence against the elements, while helping to soothe and repair cracked, chapped areas. Precious organic oils of avocado, almond, calendula, coconut and wild rose gently nourish and strengthen lips while guarding against moisture loss. In addition all nine balms boast their own unique ingredients, tailoring each to meet and treat a specific lip care need.

    Wild Rose Intense Care Liposome Cream

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    Winter is in full effect and your skin is noticing. Dry, cold air and indoor heating can often lead to dry, flaky skin, a sallow complexion and inflammation. Lavera’s All New Organic Wild Rose Intensive Care Liposome Cream is the perfect solution to this winter-time condition.
    If you’re looking for a worthy new winter addition to your beauty and skincare collection, look no further! Lavera’s MyAge Night Cream has been chosen as one of Flourish Magazine’s Winter Beauty essentials.

    Soothe Your Skin

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    If this winter weather has your skin feeling a little less than fabulous, Lavera has got you covered! Until Dec 18th, 2012, buy any of our deliciously scented Body Spa lotions, you get a Body Spa Wash half-off! With so many enticing options, this isn’t a deal you want to miss! Get ready to intensely moisturize your body back to its natural radiance. The Body Spa lotions and bath washes come in a variety of different scents such as Wild Rose or Orange Sea Buckthorn. Made with essential key ingredients like Honey, Shea Butter or Olive Oil which works to strengthen and revitalize your skin. Even sensitive skin types will love these gentle Body Spa lotions. Say goodbye to dry winter skin!

    Luscious Holiday Lashes

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    Lavera offers a variety of mascaras each providing different and gorgeous effects to your lashes. These mascaras are formulated with new, all natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Shea Butter.

    Benecos Makeup Brush Set

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    The NEW! Benecos Makeup Brushes are all 100% vegan and eco-friendly. The soft and velvet like hairs are perfect for applying mineral powders, blushes, or eye shadows. The Benecos Brushes allows for an even and smooth application. The brushes are made of bamboo, recycled aluminum and synthetic toray hair. These structurally sound and vegan brushes are the perfect application tool to complete any look!

    Add all 4 Benecos Makeup Brushes to your order and get the applicator free!
    *cannot be combined with other offers.

    Almond Milk to soothe Dry and Sensitive Skin

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    Gaining popularity quickly, almond milk has become a source of conversation in the health world. Almond milk is an excellent source of manganese, magnesium, vitamin B2 and E, tryptophan, phosphorous and copper. It’s great with cereal or in a smoothie, but what about on your face?

    Lavera Facial Line Is Here!

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    Lavera has revamped their facial cleansing line and it’s better than ever! Introducing a gentle ginkgo and organic grape derived complete skin cleansing regimen. Lavera’s Invigorating Cleansing Gel, Purifying Scrub, Purifying Toner, and Calendula Mattifying Balance Cream are created for people with normal to combination skin types an perfect for everyday use. This system gives people an effective and natural option to skin care.

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