Can you be ethical and also a babe? YES - according to Annabella Asvik

Annabella Asvik is a TV producer and has hosted numerous TV shows and series such as A&E Network's Bio Channel and Full Frontal Fashion on the Sundance Channel. She loves fashion and beauty, but wants to be stylish and sexy without hurting the Earth or the creatures that live on it. Annabella hunts down products that make her feel good inside and out, and hopes to inspire others to make beautiful choices too!

Recently, Annabella has discovered Lavera products and has created an number of video blogs at,, that we want to share with you. Her videos are extra special as she has a number of professional make up tips that you will find useful. Annabella's latest blog demonstrates how to create a summer signature look using Lavera's easy-to-apply shimmery eye shadows and eyeliners. Your eyes will shine and your tan come alive. View Annabella's makeup tutorial using Lavera eye products. You can watch now by clicking on this video!

We have packaged these eye makeup products from Annabelle's tutorial as a new product called "ECO BEAUTY: Sexy, Shimmery Eyes!"

ECO BEAUTY: Sexy, Shimmery Eyes!ECO BEAUTY: Sexy, Shimmery Eyes!
Includes the following products:

Customer Feedback:
"I loved the video and used your technique on my eyes yesterday - its nice to have someone show us ladies how to do it right! Thanks!"
G. Baker

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