If this winter weather has your skin feeling a little less than fabulous, Lavera has got you covered! Until Dec 18th, 2012, buy any of our deliciously scented Body Spa lotions, you get a Body Spa Wash half-off! With so many enticing options, this isn’t a deal you want to miss! Get ready to intensely moisturize your body back to its natural radiance. The Body Spa lotions and bath washes come in a variety of different scents such as Wild Rose or Orange Sea Buckthorn. Made with essential key ingredients like Honey, Shea Butter or Olive Oil which works to strengthen and revitalize your skin. Even sensitive skin types will love these gentle Body Spa lotions. Say goodbye to dry winter skin!

Body Spa Lavender-Aloe Vera: Soothe and relieve your senses. The Organic Lavender carefully hydrates your dry skin, calms inflammation and alleviates stress. The Organic Aloe Vera heals and rejuvenates your skin gently.

Milk & Honey: Nourish and give tired skin all the attention it needs. The Organic milk proteins hydrate your skin intensely. Honey has been known as an anti-bacterial agent that offers soothing restoration to chapped or irritated skin. Leaves you skin soft and protected with a deliciously sweet scent.

Orange-Sea Buckthorn: Leave your skin refreshed and energized with the soothing Orange-Sea Buckthorn. Organic Orange and Sea Buckthorn work together to brighten your skin. It offers powerful antioxidant anti-aging benefits. Orange is a mild antiseptic that freshens, tones and clarifies dull skin.

Vanilla-Coconut: Indulge and intoxicate your senses with this warm all natural body lotion. Organic Vanilla and Coconut soothe and hydrate your skin, while leaving it with a sensual scent. Vanilla contains anti-oxidant properties, while its scent has a comforting effect on your mind and body. Coconut quenches your skins thirst for moisture.

Vervain-Lime: Invigorate your senses naturally. Organic Vervain offers a bright and energetic aroma while revitalizing your skin. Lemon and Lime extracts have antiseptic properties to clarify, tone, and brighten skin.

Wild Rose: Pamper your dry or mature skin. Wild Rose acts as harmonizing body treatment, comforting upset skin while providing a dose of antioxidants. Made with Organic Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. Especially beneficial for colder months or times of stress, it gives thirsty skin a boost of hydration and restores it to good health.