Benecos Natural Concealer

The Natural Concealer covers redness, small bumps and dark circles on your skin and thereby makes the skin bright and even!

Everything starts with the Concealer. It easily clears away not only the shadows under the eyes, but also enlightens the eyelid and the nose quickly from dark spots. Selectively apply and pat in gently with a fingertip of the ring finger. Warm hands blend better with the texture of the skin - the same goes for makeup.

Benecos Creamy Foundation

The Natural Creamy Foundation easily imparts an even, velvety complexion. Organic Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter nourishes the skin and moisturizes wonderfully.

Continue with the proper Foundation. In order to prevent an unsightly mask effect, it is important to match your own skin tone. The best way to test is directly on the face in the daylight.

Start with an amount the size of a pea on spots on the nose, forehead and cheeks. Spread and work it from the center of the face out toward the ears. Liquid Makeup applies well with a small cosmetic sponge, a special makeup brush or just with your fingertips.

Transitions - blend carefully to avoid unattractive borders - especially at the neck. Avoid the eyebrows, here the makeup will easily get solid, crumble and fall off.

The finishing touch for the base coat is the Powder: Ultra fine, loose powder protects your makeup from smudging and creates a matte, silky-soft complexion without redness.

The mineral ingredients of the Benecos Natural Mineral Powder maintains and reflects the light, takes away irregularities and therefore makes your skin glow. Clay (healing clay) takes the excess skin oil, inhibits inflammation and creates a matte complexion. The Benecos mineral powder is ideal for combination and oily skin.

Apply with a sponge or powder brush. Available in 4 shades.

Benecos Mineral Powder Benecos Mineral Powder

Rouge is the fresh maker for the face. Before applying, tap off on the back of your hand to remove excess powder.

The Natural Baked Rouge with its fine glitter particles come in two colors to compliment the natural shade of your cheeks. Check out this article for proper rouge application.

Our BAKED COLOURS (Eyeshadow and Rouge) are not pressed, but baked at high temperature for 40 hours in an oven to obtain their intense luminosity.