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The Benecos Makeup Brushes are all 100% vegan and eco-friendly. The soft and velvet like hairs are perfect for applying mineral powders, blushes, or eye shadows. The Benecos Brushes allows for an even and smooth application. The brushes are made of bamboo, recycled aluminum and synthetic toray hair. These structurally sound and vegan brushes are the perfect application tool to complete any look!

Big Powder Brush
The Benecos Big Powder Brush has large head which is perfect for applying loose powders. The large brush head will gently and evenly spread the powder across your face, as the toray hairs glide across your skin providing a beautiful finish.

Eye Shadow Applicator
The Eye Shadow Applicator has a nice soft and spongy head. The head will easily pick up your eye shadows and allow for full coverage on your eyelids to create and vibrant look.

Eye Shadow Brush
The Eye Shadow Brush is easily one of the softest brushes I’ve ever encountered. The brush head is extremely smooth and soft. There is a very dense amount of hairs on the brush giving you complete control when applying eye shadow.

Rouge Brush
The Rouge Brush has a shorter handle than the powder brush, giving you greater control over where you want to apply your rouge powder. With the asymmetrical cut of the head, the brush is great for contouring and highlighting. The hairs are silky soft and much denser than the big powder brush, making it ideal for pressed powders. Create any perfect pop of color on your cheeks with the Benecos Rouge Brush.