Introducing True’s All Natural Anti-Aging BB Cream

True Natural adds an All New, All Natural Anti-Aging BB Cream to their beauty lineup this Spring! This Beauty Balm Cream is a perfect multi-function cream which provides the following key benefits:

  • Moisturizing
  • Mattifying
  • Skin Firming
  • Complexion Correcting
  • UV Protection
  • Anti-Inflammatory

WHAT IS IT: A BB Cream, originally created in Germany as a blemish balm, were popularized in recent years by trend-setting actresses in Korea. These multi-function creams are now creating a stir here in the US. Different beauty balms offer different benefits but most have properties to protect, conceal and correct skin tone and texture. True Natural’s BB cream features powerful anti-aging ingredients which intensely moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin, while providing skin firming, spot-fighting and uv protection benefits.

Key Active Ingredients:

Organic Muscat Sage Water – an effective anti-inflammatory and cicatrisant, helping scars and spots on the skin to disappear.

Beta 1,3 / 1,6 Glucan - These patented glucose polysaccharides extracted from the cell walls of Bakers Yeast helps with skin regeneration and collagen production, improving long term skin elasticity – ideal for sensitive skin

Hyaluronic Acid - An optimised combination of both low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a protective film on the skin, making it smooth and soft as it bonds to the stratum corneum where moisture collects. Promotes long-lasting smooth skin texture and strengthens the skin’s ability to create an effective barrier.

Organic Babaçu Oil - Extracted from the seeds of the Babaçu palm, this oil has 10% omega-9 fatty acid content which gives stability and significant structural integrity to cell membranes.

Organic Açai Oil - The fruit of the Açai palm has a high content of anthocyanins – an antioxidant agent that helps stabilise free radicals and cholesterol. Açai has up to 33 times more anthocyanins than red grapes, with studies showing a significantly increased ability to protect cells against oxidative damage.

Titanium Dioxide – Provides effective, 100% mineral based sun protection.

The True Natural BB Cream ($60) will be available Late Spring in Light and Medium shades.

WHERE TO FIND:  About TRUE Natural: Natural products made by nature, made to work. At True Natural, we believe that skin care and cosmetics should be 100% natural. Made with pure ingredients that not only offer health benefits, but perform the way you want. We feel that you should never have to sacrifice effectiveness for safety. Only safe natural ingredients are used to make our products — never any parabens, PEG, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic colors or fragrances, or other harmful synthetics. We constantly work to educate ourselves and our customers on the best natural ingredients and latest technologies available to organic cosmetics. For more information on True Natural please visit

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