ABC News exposes the dangers of Spray Tanning - DHA as a tanning agent was approved by the FDA for external use - ie a lotion. Spray Tanning creates the possibility of inhaling DHA and other tanning ingredients. Inhaled or ingested DHA has risks which are not present when using a tanning lotion. According to the FDA, "The use of DHA in 'tanning' booths as an all-over spray has not been approved by the FDA, since safety data to support this use has not been submitted to the agency for review and evaluation."

"The active chemical used in spray tans, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), has the potential to cause genetic alterations and DNA damage, according to a panel of medical experts who reviewed 10 of the most-current publicly available scientific studies on DHA for ABC News, including a federal report ABC News obtained through the Freedom of Information Act."
Read more of the ABC News article "Are 'Spray-On' Tans Safe? Experts Raise Questions as Industry Puts Out Warnings". You may also be interested in this accompanying article: DHA Health Risk: Potential Lung Complications

Our advice? Stick to a safe natural tanning lotion to create a gorgeous all around tan!