Dear Lavera fans,

Celebrating 22 years of Truly Natural Beauty Lavera is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this November! That's 22 years producing only the purest, all-natural and non-toxic beauty products. This commitment to ingredients is very important for us - what we put on our skin really does affect our health and well-being. Our founder discovered this correlation while developing the first products to soothe his dermatitis. This ingredient commitment has helped Lavera grow to become an international brand with over 300 products!

This birthday month, I'd like to focus on Makeup. Many studies in the US and Europe show how makeup especially is still manufactured using synthetic colors, synthetic preservatives and fragrances, and even heavy metals - ingredients that harm your health. I've blogged about a few of these issues in the past, and you can find out a lot more about ingredients and other skin care issues in our Education section.

I first introduced the Trend Sensitiv Makeup line in the US and Canada back in 1999 and it quickly became very successful. We received many testimonials from women who tried Lavera and finally found a makeup line they could wear, despite their very sensitive skin. After many years of suffering from allergies and irritations, many women had resorted to not wearing makeup at all until they finally experienced Lavera products.

At Lavera, we proudly produce truly safe and healthy skin care and look forward to hearing any feedback from our loyal customers about our products. Please contact us to share your thoughts and experiences with Lavera with us! And please share with your friends about the special anniversary savings at Lavera!

Warmest greetings, Ulrike


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