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Our Mission

Benecos is a young label with a mission to bring a breath of fresh air to natural beauty.

Benecos was founded in Germany at the end of 2008 with the goal of making high quality natural cosmetics available to ALL. The name Benecos stands for good cosmetics (Lat.bene=good).

Now, affordable prices and high quality natural cosmetics no longer need to be a contradiction. A thoughtful approach makes it possible: focusing on the essentials, while minimizing packaging. Omitted are unnecessary cartons, custom containers, jars, bottles and outer decorations. Instead of big, expensive advertising campaigns Benecos uses communication at the point sale, and word of mouth marketing.

Benecos surprises with quality products, fashionable styles, current trends, modern design and certification to the BDIH standard, the pioneer Natural Cosmetics certification body in Germany.

Because Benecos charges a reasonable consumer price, it is a real alternative to cosmetic brands from the drugstore.

Benecos – pure natural beauty!