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Organic Rose Anti-Aging

Organic Rose Anti-Aging

True Natural introduces the Rose Organic Anti-Aging System!

True Natural expands their anti-aging lineup with the highly effective, all new Rose Anti-Aging system, providing dry and mature skin with the best care possible. Rose naturally calms and balances your skin. The Rose System features Spagyric Rose Essence, Spagyric Silver Essence and Evening Primrose Oil - nourishing, balancing and soothing - suitable for dry & mature skin and those with skin conditions such as Rosacea. Download the Rose Anti-Aging Brochure here.

> What makes the new Rose System unique?


The True Natural Anti-Aging Rose Line was specifically chosen as the premium replacement for the LAVERE Anti-Aging System! We are confident you will be pleased with the high quality and effectiveness of the Rose system.

More Info: Spagyric Skin Care - An Introduction

Spagyric Rose Crystal EssenceSupports new beginnings, relaxing and soothing properties.
Spagyric Silver EssenceBalancing and regenerative properties.
Spagyric Wild Rose EssenceBalancing, nourishing and moisturizing.
Spagyric Pomegranate EssenceStrong anti-oxidant properties.
Prickly Pear Cactus Seed OilHighly nutritive, emollient, protective, regenerative and toning for the skin.
Macadamia Nut OilHigh contents of unsaturated fatty acids, deeply nourishing and moisturizing.
Argan OilA powerful antioxidant with high natural contents of “beautiful skin must have” ingredients such as: vitamin E, phenols and carotenes.
Rose Essential OilRelaxing, soothing and supports cell renewal.

Organic Rose Anti-Aging