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There is no doubt that many natural hair care lines do not live up to their promises. You can be sure that Curelle does! This organic hair care line uses the best natural ingredients to provide you with salon-quality shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, and treatments. Safe, high-performance hair care at reasonable prices.

  • Unscented hair and body care
  • Reasonably priced
  • No harmful or unnecessary ingredients used

Still waiting on a safe natural hair care line that lives up to your expectations? Your wait is over…Currelle organic hair care products are made with highest quality natural ingredients for safety and effectiveness, and deliver salon-quality results.

What makes Curelle different from the rest? It's not what they add, but what they don't. Curelle believes in using the best possible natural ingredients, free from contaminants, for milder formulas. Using these top notch ingredients not only ensures safety and quality, but fewer ingredients used. The ingredients they do use out-perform a formula that contains more ingredients of lesser quality. In this case, less really is more.

All Curelle products are unscented, no scent has been added or chemicals to neutralize the natural scent of the ingredients used. The brand offers two shampoos — Energé Shampoo for deep cleansing and Hydra Shampoo for gentle cleansing. Riché Conditioner with self-adjusting hydration and Trè slite Conditioner for gentle conditioning. There is also an alcohol-free Styling Gel that lends natural hold and a revitalizing Build-Up Remover to rid hair of impurities. Curelle also offers an unscented Hand & Body Lotion, perfect for sensitive skin.

While Curelle believes in the purest ingredients, they are also committed to offering their products at a price that everyone can afford. By using only the ingredients needed to make their products, and not adding extras to boost their labeling, Curelle can provide reasonably priced and high performance products at the same time.

Curelle uses minimal yet stylish packaging, nontoxic and sustainable plant-based ingredients, clear and concise labeling, and no GMO's.