Ok, so our hair has finally recovered from the winter wind and cold. Now that we've hit mid-summer, the heat, sun, sea salt, and chlorine has our tresses doing another round of the dry and damaged look.

The elements, plus the steady use of hair ties, will wreak havoc on hair. But are we destined for a bob next fall? Not if you take steps to repair damage and prevent further harm. A little extra time spent now will reunite you with lush locks.

Lavera organic mango shampoo, sls-free Don't Over-Do the Shampoo - Skip washing unless your hair is actually dirty. This will help to keep it from drying out and make the best of your scalp's natural oils. When you do shampoo be sure you are using a gentle product best suited to your hair type. Lavera Organic Shampoos cover the gamut — from fine, dry, or sensitive to color treated and even dandruff. For the little ones in the family, or those with super-sensitive scalp, try Baby Neutral for Hair and Body. All free from SLS, parabens, and other nasty ingredients.

Lavera organic rose hair conditioner, sls-free Apply Moisturizer - Conditioner is to hair what moisturizer is to skin. Conventional hair care products coat strands with synthetic ingredients, silicones, and petroleum. Lavera Hair Conditioners hydrate and protect with natural ingredients, like Organic Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, and Cocoa seed butter. Choose from Mango Milk for color-treated hair and Rose Milk for dry hair. In actual fact, both products are developed to be extra gentle on your hair and suitable for ALL hair types - just pick your favorite scent!

Cover Up - A hat will help to protect your face and hair from sun damage. Grab a couple of cute caps in fun colors and throw one in your beach bag, another in the car…for whenever you will be spending time in the sun.

Lavera Organic Mango Hair Treatment Deep Conditioning - You know how a soothing facial mask seems to transform tired, dry skin? Well, Lavera Hair Repair Treatment will do the same for tired, dry tresses. Apply a thick coat of this nourishing treatment after shampooing, allow to soak in for 5-10 minutes and rinse. Renews shine, bounce and vitality to hair. Choose from Mango Milk for color-treated hair and Rose Milk for dry hair. As with conditioners, both hair treatments are very gentle on your hair and suitable for ALL hair types. These hair treatments also come in a travel size sachets, perfect to throw in your overnight bag, to pack for that week in the Bahamas, or just to try out for the first time — they are great for 1-3 uses.

Lavera Organic Hair Styling Gel Hold the Heat - Lavera also carries a Hair Styling Gel Extra Hold is perfect for shorter styles. Try applying a bit of product and allow hair to air dry for a straight-from-the-beach look, and skip the heated styling tools.

Lavera Hair Care products are all natural and free from harmful ingredients. The addition of fresh fruit extracts creates scrumptious scents for these safe and healthy products. And no need to worry about limp, sticky strands. Lavera hair care products perform just like the regular stuff, but without the chemical ingredients.