There are certain items that can be found in almost any make up bag. Concealer, blush, mascara...But eye shadow is a different matter. Some swear by it, others never touch the stuff. Several wear it when they dress up, many smudge a little on every day.

And other issues come into play where eye shadow is concerned. The color of your eyes and how deeply set they are makes a difference in which shades you choose. And which type of look you are going for — a more awake, brightened up look or a smoky, sultry gaze — influences your decision too.

Lavera organic mineral eye shadows If you are new to the shadow scene, or like the simple approach, we have broken it down for you with our Eye Shadow Duos in four different shade combinations. Choose Duo No. 1 for hazel eyes, Duo No. 2 for green eyes, Duo No. 3 for blue eyes or Duo No. 4 for brown eyes. Or, checkout our makeup kits which feature the eyeshadows: for hazel, green, blue or brown eyes.

For bright eyes, apply the lighter shade over entire lid, add eyeliner and mascara and you are set. For a sultry, night time look add the darker shade from lash line to crease.

But no one is saying you have to play it safe here. As a matter of fact, we are beginning to think outside the box where eye make up is concerned for the first time in a couple of decades. Lavender, blues and greens popped up on the peepers of many a model at the spring fashion shows. But, unlike that of the playful 80's, these had the classic quality of Old Hollywood glamour - in living color. If playing with color, choose one shade with a matching liner.

If skin tends to be on the dry side powder shadow may cause lids to look crepey. Try mixing a bit of powder shadow with a drop or two of rosehip oil. Apply with fingertip. This creates a moisturizing cream shadow that offers color and drama without the drying effect. Another bonus, the oil provides gentle anti-aging benefits.

The right eye shadow color, along with proper application, can provide stunning results and mix things up a bit.