Anti-aging skincare is a popular topic. Whether you are interested in warding off signs of premature aging or need help preventing further damage, women of all ages reach for these products.

But with so many products covered in anti-aging claims you may not know where to begin. Do all anti-aging products, and ingredients, work the same? What about your age? Skin type? Concerns?

At Lavera we take skin care very seriously. Our strong commitment to safety in cosmetics, plus effectiveness, shines through in our gentle and high performing products. And that goes for our anti-aging lines, as well.

Over the next several weeks we will explore our anti-aging lines, LAVERÉ & MyAge. Discover which potent natural ingredients we use, why they work, and which products are right for you.

Organic Anti Aging Skin CareLet's start where it counts with
Anti-aging Moisturizers...

Moisturizers are essential in maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. In the world of anti-aging products, think of them as the heavy-hitters. Anti-aging moisturizers are designed to do much more than simply provide hydration. They balance, tone, firm, repair, protect, nourish, and smooth.

How can we expect all of this from one product? Simple, if it contains the right ingredients.

Lavera Anti-aging Moisturizers are formulated with targeted natural anti-agers, super potent yet ultra-gentle on skin. You garner the desired results with no harsh ingredients or harmful synthetics.

We offer a wide array of moisturizers with anti-aging benefits to suit every skin type, age, and concern. You may be looking for a product to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Or maybe you have yet to reach this point and want to ward off premature aging.

Follow the guide below to determine which moisturizer will perform best for your skin type, skin age, and skin issues:

If You Have For Day Try For Night Try
Normal/Combination Skin HYDRO Sensation INTENSIVE Night
Oily/Acne Skin HYDRO Sensation HYDRO Sensation
Dry/Sensitive Skin INTENSIVE Day SPF5 INTENSIVE Night
Damaged/Aging Skin SOLUTION Day SPF5 SOLUTION Night
Spots/Any Age/ Any Skin Type MyAge Day Cream MyAge Night Cream

HYDRO Sensation Cream

About the LAVERÉ Line

HYDRO Sensation is a light moisturizing cream that soaks easily into skin, helping skin to retain moisture and its youthful appearance. An added boost of Bio-hyaluronic acid and antioxidants smooth the skin and help to fight off free radical damage.

INTENSIVE Day Cream SPF 5 INTENSIVE Day Cream SPF5 is a very gentle moisturizer designed for skin over 35. Pure plant oils hydrate, while Green tea, Bamboo and Rooibos calm skin and protect from free radical damage. INTENSIVE Night Cream strengthens, firms, and soothes the skin while you sleep.

SOLUTION Day Cream SPF5Designed specifically for dry mature skin, SOLUTION Day Cream SPF5 will not disappoint. Olive and Jojoba oils provide healthy moisture. Super anti-agers Sepilift and Pentavitin leave skin revitalized and noticeably smoother. SOLUTION Night Cream contains soy to soften and hydrate, while providing antioxidant protection.

About the MyAge Line

MyAge Anti-aging Product Line

MyAge is our new versatile and affordable anti-aging line created for skin of all types and ages. MyAge Day Cream includes CoQ10, Bio-hyaluronic acid, and Shea butter to create a smooth, youthful looking complexion. MyAge Night Cream is packed with White Tea extract, Phytocollagen, and Nutraceramides to pamper and recharge skin while you sleep. Awaken to a youthful, radiant complexion.

You may be wondering why you need different moisturizers for day and night. You want your daytime moisturizer to be hydrating, yet non-greasy, and well suited for use under makeup. Night time moisturizers are punched up with super-hydrating and nourishing ingredients to rejuvenate skin while you sleep.

As you can see, many of our daytime moisturizers have added SPF. Sun protection guards skin against damaging UV rays and premature aging. At Lavera we use mineral sunscreen, rather than synthetic, to provide the safest and most effective protection.

Check back with us next week as we continue our coverage of anti-aging Lavere and MyAge lines.