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Hi All Lavera Lovers! I have an insider's secret for all you Lavera Junkies. Shaving your legs during the summer can be a nightmare, even more so if you have extremely sensitive skin. On my search for a safe shaving cream I found I didn’t have to look very far, I made the best discovery in my own medicine cabinet — Lavera Mens Care Shaving Cream. The name may say men on it but this shaving lotion is anything but rough and manly. I was totally excited about how smooth and even the shave cream went on. Since the shaving cream is in the Men’s care line, it is designed to be sensitive enough to care for the face so it is a special treat for the legs. After using the shaving cream the skin on my legs was left feeling moisturized and smooth. I will make sure to share new exciting Lavera discoveries with you. — Katie C.